Mentoring the Next Generation of Innovators: The Knowledge Society


Elizabeth Tran

Picture of TKS Alumni: Publicly speaking at conference about TKS, May 13, 2022.

          Foran students have many opportunities to increase their knowledge and learn more about what interests them: The Knowledge Society (TKS) is one. With over 2000 alumni and students between the ages 13-17, the ten month program named TKS offers several curriculums from Stanford, Harvard, and MIT, taught by CEO’s and global leaders. This program, which takes place on weekends, replicates the learning environment of Silicon Valley, (a global learning center for technology and innovation), and students learn about emerging technology such as AI, nanotechnology, and even work on problems top companies are trying to solve. 

          Not only does it offer a unique learning environment, but it opens access to mentors from such companies as Google, Tesla, and SpaceX as well as offers internships from top companies such as Apple and Microsoft, making it ideal for students interested in technology.

          Their Global Virtual program just opened and to be a part of the program, the only requirement is filling out an application. It does not require GPA scores to be submitted. The cost is $5,000 to $6,000 for the 10-month program, but financial aid is available. 

          The program is also selective with only a 40% chance of someone being qualified for an interview. And a 15% acceptance rate to make it in the program after interviews.

          In an interview with with the two founders of The Knowledge Society named Navid and Nadeem Nathoo, they said, “We realized that if society can train Olympic-level athletes from a young age, it can also train Olympic-level CEOs, inventors and thought leaders.”

          With being able to learn about innovative technology in TKS, students learn how to apply these technologies to solve real world problems.

          According to Damian Matheson, the Director at The Knowledge Society, “We also teach real-world skills, and introduce students to mental models to help accelerate their personal growth like no other program can. It’s what every director at TKS wishes they had when they were in high school.”

          Matheson also explained that most successful students spend eight to ten hours a week dedicating their time to the program. And, a way to break that down can be using an hour every school day and three hours on the weekends.

          He also emphasizes that in the program, students work on solving problems companies often face, and there are new speakers every week to give insight on the type of work done by big companies.

          According to the website, “After going through the program, our alumni have spoken at conferences around the world, started companies, worked in research labs, and have been accepted to Ivy League schools.”

TKS website: Application open to apply to the program, May 13, 2022. (Elizabeth Tran)