Shanah Tovah

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By Hanna Birenbaum
Staff writer

As classmates are excited for a relaxing day off, Jewish followers all over the world are looking forward to celebrating a New Year to come. Rosh Hashanah, also known as “head of the year” and the beginning of “Judgment Day”, is the Jewish New Year, celebrated for two days: one starting at sunrise on September 24th, and the other ending at nightfall on September 26th. On Rosh Hashanah one greets everyone in sight with “Shanah Tovah,” which is Hebrew, meaning “good year”. Meanwhile, the sweet taste of apples and honey fill ones mouth, while the sound of a shofar, a hollowed-out ram’s horn, consumes the room. Eating apples and honey triggers a sweet new year. The shofar is used to awake the people and put them into a realization that “judgment day,” otherwise known as Rosh Hashanah, is commencing.  Some fellow Jewish peers in Foran are celebrating the New Year in similar ways. Josh Teller, a senior, said, “I am having family tonight and going to services at Synagogue.” Ryan Michelson, a freshman, is also going to services with his family at his synagogue, while Shana Blatt, a senior, will be having a celebration at family dinner. Also, our principal, Mr. Berkowitz, said, “I will be traveling to see family and celebrate with them. I have many fond memories of spending Jewish holidays with my family.”