Message to Juniors

Emily Harrison

Staff Writer

Juniors: You’re in the home stretch! (Well, kind of.) Nevertheless, you’re almost done my friends. It’s said that junior year is the most stressful year of high school, and for some or most, that may be true. SATs, prom, college searching, there’s just so many things to focus on, and only one you. But summer is coming, and once September hits, it’s crunch time. Here are some tips for now and going into your senior year.

On this coming year:

Enjoy your high school career, or what’s left of it. Take classes in all sorts of categories, don’t feel pressured to take the classes your friends are taking. Take classes that interest and benefit YOU.

When I started my senior year, my main focus was getting all my music classes under my belt. No, I didn’t take many APs, and most of my friends took more science and history courses than art classes; but music is what interested me, regardless of who was taking it with me. And now, I’m on my way to college with a Bachelor of Science in Music Education major in front of me. This is YOUR year to take the classes that you want to take. Don’t let peer pressure and friends change your mind.

On friends:

I know I know, cliché, but friendships can (and most likely will) be altered, whether you know why or not. Different interests and opposite future plans surprisingly will drive you away from some, but towards others.

On planning:

Going into your senior year, you feel the pressure of knowing exactly what you want to do, where you want to go, and how things will turn out. But the thing is, you may not have all the answers yet. Yes, you may have schools in mind, but that does not mean that that is where you will go. Delve deeper into what the school offers. Do research, (LOTS of research), on the schools that you are interested in applying to. Some may have the programs you are looking for, but some may not. Be open to what it does offer, and look into what catches your eye. You may change your mind from your original interest.

On inevitable senioritis:

Let’s face it, senioritis is a real thing, and everyone experiences it. You will get lazy, and deadlines will be the least of your concerns at times. Senior privilege will be your best friend, and more times than one, you’ll find yourself starting an assignment at midnight. But believe me, it WILL catch up to you. Junioritis is very similar, but senioritis is worse because you’re aware that it’s your last year of high school. More often than not things get put off until the last minute and then you’re struggling to catch up.

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