Moves to get YOU back into the School Groove

Juniors Ethan Skuches, Julia LaPenna, and Mikayala Perry focus in the media center during the school day. Picture courtesy of Jules Tuozzola

Juliana Tuozzola


Moves to get YOU back into the School Groove

Just one blink, and summer vanished from our eyes. The wonderful days of lounging, beaching, and soaking up every bit of freedom within the summer sun has come to an end. Backpacks have been packed, desks have been sat in, and pencils have been written with.

If the transition from summer to school has been an overwhelming, exhausting, and a seemingly unbearable struggle, it’s assured that the following insight and advice will put you right back into the school groove. To add to that, some of Foran’s finest will relay their personal thoughts. Foran, it is time to get that mojo back!

October has arrived and many admit to still being in that summer-slug. Senior Andrew Hiza reveals his own struggle. “The transition from summer to school has been honestly tough. I definitely miss sleeping in everyday. However, it is nice to see my friends everyday and that is a positive aspect I take into consideration to help me get through this transition.” said Hiza.

Hiza provides a motivating factor which aids his academic success, and is something for every student to take into account. “I want to continue excelling so I can boost my college application and get accepted into my top schools. For me, and many others, that is where the hard work and dedication will all pay off.” Said Hiza. He elaborated on that point, saying, “Students should keep in mind that grades, activities, and hard work in general will pay off. Colleges do notice, and one day, you will be rewarded for all your work.”

For underclassmen who are unsure of how to receive support, extra help, or guidance, Sophomore Danny House has the answer. “My advice would be to use your resources! Natural Helpers are here to help, and guide other students academically, socially, and just in general. Teachers are extremely supportive here, so definitely take advantage of the extra help offered, and/or study sessions. Also, be productive in study halls.” said House.

Many students have their phones constantly buzzing with social media, texts, and many other distractions. “Eliminate distractions. If you have assignments to get done and responsibilities to fulfill, turn your phone off and put it away somewhere. My advice is to just get done what has to be done.” Said House. Students’ best bet is to get those phones and distractions out of sight, and out of mind.

Organization is essential to Junior Lexi Furst academic success. “I write everything down. Homework, tests, quizzes, assignments, and practices/events to attend. This helps me to get everything done and it keeps me motivated. I find that writing everything down in a planner helps me to prioritize what is important, and what needs to be done.”

While we are caught reminiscing about summer days, it is important to take into account the advice and personal insight displayed. Getting back into the school groove may not have been easy, but using motivators such as college, friends, resources, and an organized planner will definitely get you on the way to a successful school year.


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