Digital Books or Hardcover Books?



Lindsey Brooks

Staff Writer

The debate between ebooks and printed books is an age old argument. Some believe ebooks are the better option because as time goes on and technology advances you can’t keep reading paperback books. They also say that ebooks are simply more convenient than physical books. However, others feel that there is no other option for them other than paperback books.

Devon Verma, junior, is a member of book club and an avid reader. Verma has fond memories of going book shopping with his mom when he was younger.  He can remember going shopping at places like Borders before it closed down. Books aren’t only a fond memory for him but they also help him in his everyday life. “They really change my perspective on the world around me. I gain a better understanding about people’s choices and decisions in life” Verma said. In his opinion, paperback books are better than ebooks. He says that there is a certain feeling that he gets when he reads a physical book and that you can’t get the full experience while reading a digital book.

Our librarian, Mrs. Pellegrino, also loves to read and prefers physical books. As a child Pellegrino would see her mother reading. She was a dedicated reader, of which is where she got her love for reading. “My favorite book when I was a kid was actually The Little House on the Prairie series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I always keep in mind as bad as things can get nowadays, we have things so much better than people who had them 100 years ago. With all those changes, I’m really grateful” Pellegrino said. She makes it clear that books have the ability to change people’s lives for the better.

Around 2010 ebooks became more and more popular. People became obsessed with devices (such as Nooks or Kindles) that they could carry around with them and read. It was much more suitable to carry a lightweight device than lugging around books. Bookstores such as Borders were shut down because people weren’t buying books anymore. Libraries have closed because people no longer needed to find books. The ebook fulfilled all of the needs of people and they never even had to leave their home. However, recently the tables have turned. Ebooks sales have fallen and print books have started to become popular once again. According to the Association of American Publishers, ebook sales fell by 10% in the first five months of 2015. Digital sales were expected to surpass print by 2015 but before that happened sales slowed down. The ebook has seemed like the best solution for people who find them convenient or even those who don’t like to read but Neil Gaiman’s words now ring louder than ever: “A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.”


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