It’s Scrunch Time

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Juniors, Julia Renz and Lexi Furst rocking the scrunchie look. Tuesday, January 31, 2017. Photo courtesy of Quinn Lofthouse.


Quinn Lofthouse

Staff Writer

It’s Scrunch-Time!

The beloved and iconic fabric-coated hair tie teens loved in the late 80’s and early 90’s are back and better than ever.

Fashion trends come and go but lately the fashion trends of the 90’s have been resurrected from the ashes. Scrunchies, coming from the trend of wearing big bangle bracelets and wanting to spice up someone’s look in the retro time period of the 80’s, have been worn in the hair of many teens in the past couple months. Girls are saying they like this fashion accessory better than the plain-jane tiny black hair tie. “Basic hair ties constrict my hair too much and give me a headache,” says Mya Wheeler, a sophomore, “Scrunchies are much looser and hardly leave a crease mark in my hair.”

With icons such as Madonna, Hillary Clinton, and Katy Perry wearing scrunchies, who wouldn’t want to follow their trend? Any kid who had seen television shows in the 90’s such as “Saved By the Bell”, “Full House”, or “Boy Meets World”, will know that any celebrity would be caught wearing a scrunchie at one time or another. Now that 90’s fashion is back in, it only makes sense that the trend of scrunchies comes back too. “Not only do they not leave knots in my hair but they also go along with my love for retro fashion,” says Lexi Furst, a junior, “I love 90’s fashion with everything like chokers and Birkenstocks, so wearing scrunchies only adds more to my aesthetic.”

These scrunchies are not only subtly fashionable but they are very comfortable and easy on the hair, Emily Kopstein, a freshman with curly hair says that it is easy to use in her hair rather than a normal hair tie that is a hassle to take out. Who wants to rip out hair as they take out a hair tie when they could just take down their hair easily with a much more beneficial alternative?

To get involved with the scrunchie trend happening all around America, they can be purchased at stores such as American Apparel, Forever 21, Topshop, and even the local CVS.

So keep calm and scrunch on!

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