What You Should Expect When You’re Expecting…To Pack For College

Kyle Cohen

Staff Writer

A car fully packed with college essentials is depicted. Photo courtesy The Odyssey Online.

As the summer before college approaches, future college students usually find themselves having trouble figuring out which supplies and items they should and shouldn’t bring to college. This stressful time that is crucial for packing and dorm prep can sometimes lead you in the wrong direction regarding your packing. Some of the common college dorm essentials prove to be useless and rarely utilized, so here are the items essential to comfortable and easygoing college life.

In regards to school supplies, keep it simple with notebooks and folders, or if you take notes better on a computer or tablet, stick to that to keep clutter away. Prior planning in regards to your organization is key if you want to be adequately packed when it comes to your academics. Stick to the basics, don’t worry about huge binders and trapper keepers.

Dorm life can be a little more difficult, however. In order to make dorm life as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, some unexpected items make the cut for some seniors’ packing lists. Senior Olivia Steigbigel comments, “I think the most essential item is a closet organizer because you’re given such little room you have to make the best of what you have.”

The Odyssey Online, in their article “10 Things No One Tells You To Bring To College,” they recommend bringing extension cords or power strips, just in case there aren’t plugs all over the room, you can have your phone charge near your bed or have your laptop charge on your desk with no problem. They also recommend bring Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, which definitely come in handy when messes ensue.

When asked about his packing for his freshman year at Parson’s School of Design in New York City, Milford native Bryan Pingarron stated, “Because it was my first year I definitely brought too much, so there’s nothing I regret not bringing.” Olivia chimed in, adding, “I will 100% overpack because I don’t know what to expect yet so I pretty much need to pack up my entire life.” She continued, “I would definitely regret not bringing decorations for my room to make it feel more like home.”

Foran alum Matt Rozmus recommends bringing an Apple TV or entertainment system of some sort (like an Amazon Fire Stick or Roku). “Being able to play music on my TV or stream anything on my TV is really nice and convenient when you want to relax or entertain others.” He continues, “College can be really difficult if you don’t have the things to make yourself feel at home, even if it’s just a photo album or something. But I definitely recommend something like an Apple TV.”

All in all, there is so much to keep in mind when packing. Think of the unconventional and unexpected things you may need, like duct tape, safety pins, external hard drives, filtered water pitchers, a safe, or even earplugs (in case of a snoring roommate.) Either way, chances are you will feel extremely overwhelmed with your packing or like you left out everything essential. Regardless, happy packing!


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