Students From Milford Cause Havoc in “Bike Gangs” on the Streets.

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Editorial (Bike Life) Griffin Ondek
A few of the faces behind “203 Bikes”. (Photo courtesy JV’s Instagram-reprinted with permission. )

Since the early summer, groups of kids have been disrupting the flow of traffic on bikes and it has become a problem. The bike groups have become such a problem to adult drivers they have taken to Facebook to share opinions on the topic.

Known to teens at Foran as “203 Bike Life”, large groups of kids band together to ride bikes across town daily. Often times, these biking groups ride in the street and ride slowly in front of cars. They also ride towards oncoming traffic and swerve away at the last second. Many of these bike riders and those who ride ATVs and dirt bikes can be found “wheelieing”, which is when the rider pulls up their front tire to balance on the back tire of the bike while they continue riding.

There are multiple laws in Connecticut that these bike groups are breaking, the following are only some of them (courtesy of

  • Any person 15 years or younger riding a bicycle must wear a helmet
  • Bicyclists must stay as far to the right as possible
  • Bicycles are vehicles and operators have all the duties of that of a motor vehicle driver. This includes abiding by traffic laws such as driving on the correct side of the road, abiding by stop signs, and abiding by traffic lights.

Andrue Rosado, a senior at Foran weighed in on the topic saying, “I have been bike riding since I was five years old. I used to ride to school and lock up my bike every day. Not until last August did I start biking very often. I personally do not like riding with a group because the reason I ride is to get into my own world and feel like I’m at a peaceful state of mind. Also, I prefer to bike alone because some of the other kids in Milford that bike cause problems that I don’t like to be associated with.”

When asked if he was aware that Milford drivers see these biking groups as a nuisance, Rosado replied, “Yes I am aware many drivers see young bikers as a nuisance. This is why I like to ride alone because I do not like being associated with rebellious kids. I am also a driver so I see how much of a nuisance that would be to me, and therefore don’t bother the cars. I stay to the right and if not already on the right I quickly move to it, to let the cars pass. I am also aware of the actual rules of bike riding. Bikes are to be treated as vehicles. They must be as far to the right as practical”.

A member of a bike group, who did not want to be named, also offered input..

“We have been riding bikes together almost every day for about two years now,” the rider said. “I know that us riding in the roads can be annoying for drivers, but we really only ride in the roads if pedestrians are on the sidewalks, if there are bad sidewalks, or if there are no sidewalks at all. We rarely ride in the roads just for fun”.

When asked if he knew about the bike laws for Connecticut, the rider said, “I don’t know the rules of the road for bikes, although I should probably look into them”.

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