Starting a Club


Ava Haig

Staff Writer

Foran High School offers such a variety of clubs that it’s hard for students to find something they don’t enjoy. Still, Foran encourages its students to start their own clubs, as some kids have special interests that do not already have clubs associated with it. The process of starting a club is easy, painless, and has outstanding benefits.

Once a student has an idea for a club, the student must find an advisor that will assist the group at club meetings. An advisor can be any Foran teacher who is willing to generously spend their time supervising the club. After an advisor is found, the club must be approved by student life and other school officials. Once the club is granted appropriate, it is given permission to begin.

Lucas Burgard, a sophomore, started the “World Cultures” club. Burgard thought that the process was quick and, “…easier to start than I thought it would be”. Burgard found himself in a predicament, as he saw that, “There weren’t a lot of clubs about languages and cultures. I wanted a club that represented the entire world, because I really love to learn about the world”. Burgard took initiative, and created something that interested him, and others, “I’m really happy I started it, it was worth it”.

Overall, starting a club can be very beneficial, as it looks impressive on college resumes, improves one’s leadership skills, and allows others to enjoy a common interest. Starting a club is the perfect way to make highschool years more enjoyable, as you belong in something that you have a passion for.


Picture : Hannah Turner leads the ASL club on October 3rd, 2017. Turner started the club this year, because of her passion for sign language. Many students with a common interest for sign language have joined this club. Photo courtesy of Ava Haig.

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