Pep Rally Rallies Foran

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Sophomores for the win. Joshua Vallard gives a high five after winning the spirit stick. Picture taken September 16, 2016 courtesy of Yearbook Staff.


Mateo attempts to beat Mr. Williams but ended up losing 1-0. Photo courtesy of journalism staff taken on Friday, September 26, 2016.

Views from a junior- Eva Knudsen reports on the Pep Rally

One tradition I know everyone at Foran prides themselves in is the pep rally. Two weeks ago on September 16th, 2016 we experienced a first. Instead of the juniors winning for a fourth consecutive time, the sophomores won the spirit stick. Jack Elson says, “I thought the juniors were gonna win and I was pretty disappointed when the sophomores did.” This is how all of the juniors felt about the pep rally and some say that it was rigged. Even though the juniors were cursed with wearing the color brown, I have to say it was impressive to see so many of them participating. Their signs were one of the highlights of the pep rally.


Claire Koppy, a sophomore, says, “I thought the juniors were definitely gonna win the spirit stick this year. That made winning the spirit stick that much more exciting.” The sophomore class had to wear blue for this year’s pep rally and the majority of them went all out. They really prove to be a threat to the junior class, which none of them had expected.

Even the teachers got into the pep rally this year. Over 25 teachers performed a dance routine to kick off the pep rally with Mr. Berkowitz and Julia Astram to the song “Shut Up and Dance,” choreographed by Ms. Bier and Ms. Condon. This was a shock to the student section but a fun time. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing teachers like Mr. Stern, Mrs. Semple, and Mr. Tupka do the Macarena.  All sports had games like relay races, Hungry Hippo, musical chairs and a quick soccer scrimmage. Students  Amanda Mendillo and Lily Muir ran a quick volleyball game and other senior athletes followed throughout with fun games for their respective sport. Devon Verma  got sent back to the stands in the heated and controversial decision in musical chairs.Throughout all the games different teachers and administrators  were involved like Mr. Williams, Ms. Love, Ms. Cassell, Mr. Brennan, Mr. Kelly , Mrs. Svogun, and Mrs. Farrell.
Although the juniors and sophomores, even the freshmen, had a lot of spirit and pep, the seniors just gave up. Teddy DeBoise, a senior, says, “We don’t really care about the pep rally, we don’t wanna be there.” He is speaking for the minority of kids that don’t enjoy the pep rally, but there are those that can be seen cheering and yelling with the rest of the school. The pep rally is an exciting place to show some love for our school. The Foran Innovative Team definitely did a great job getting students excited for our fall season and we are hoping for an equally fun pep rally in the future. What do we have to do to ignite a spark in this year’s senior class?


The Foran  Junior Class gets ready for the pep rally. Photo taken September 16, 2016 courtesy of Yearbook Staff.


Foran’s cheer gets the crowd going to start up the pep rally. Photo taken by journalism staff on September 16, 2016.