Creating our Story, Through Different Eyes

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Advanced Creative Writing published a book in 2016. Photo courtesy of Jules Tuozzola

The Advanced Creative Writing class taught by English teacher Mr. Raucci has been working diligently on piecing together their short story book titled Through Different Eyes to be released in the upcoming spring of 2017. This class is distinct from any other English class. Students are taught writing techniques, the process of publishing a fictional piece, and work shopping and editing as true authors do. Each student must come up with three intriguing and creative story ideas and then they must conference about their writing and workshop their rough drafts. The real editing takes place during workshop, where each piece is critiqued and thoroughly discussed between the entire class. “This class is unlike any other class I have ever taken.” says senior Kyra Angileri. “We are progressively evolving into student authors by the process it takes to develop each story. Stories are incredible because they start out as mere ideas in our minds and then they can become something so powerful and amazing. The final product really does take millions of steps and endless hours to produce.”

Alumni Hannah Buckley speaks about the complex but rewarding process of becoming a published author. “Becoming a published author took every ounce of creativity and effort from me. It is such a rewarding and satisfactory feeling to see the stories that I put my all into become published in Foreign Visions. It truly was a profound and special opportunity and while the process of developing a short story is incredible and honestly fun, it can be stressful with the deadlines and many critiques being a writer entails.”

Senior Kennedy Cole speaks about how this class has made an impact on her life. “I have definitely grown in my writing. Mr. Raucci honestly played a huge role in my growth. I have learned to think outside the box and to connect ideas and my writing in ways that may challenge people.” When Cole was asked where she finds inspiration for her short story ideas she says, “I draw inspiration from the things in life that I wonder and ask questions about. The things that make me think harder.” Finally, Cole adds, “I think the end result of this published book is going to be the most exciting part of the whole journey. I cannot wait to see the outcome and to tell people that I was a part of the process.”

The Advanced Creative Writing class at Foran produced Foreign Visions in 2016 which can be purchased on and and other stores or websites such as Barnes and Noble. Definitely keep an eye out for Through Different Eyes which is to be published in the spring of 2017.