Summer Jobs For High School Kids

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Griffin Ondek

Staff Writer


Title card from the Spongebob episode “Summer Job”. Photo Courtesy of on April 3, 2015. 

With summer rolling around, students are faced with a lot of free time and not a lot of money to spend. However, in this day and age, there are plenty of jobs that aren’t babysitting, waitressing, or working in your local grocery store. Here’s a few miniscule summer jobs to consider:

  • Photographer

Summer in Connecticut lends itself to photography: every sunset is painted a different color, and the foliage is full and in bloom. Through social media, you can promote yourself as a photographer, and be paid to take photos, or even sell your work.

  • Music Teacher

The hardest part about learning an instrument is the beginning. If you have good patience, and know how to play an instrument, teaching others for an hourly pay or pay-per-lesson can land you some good spending cash for summer ‘17.

  • YouTuber

With the rise in use of social media over the years, there has also been a rise in social media based employment. Although YouTube won’t employ you to make videos, you can earn money from advertisers that want to buy space in your video to run an ad. The more traffic you bring to your channel, the more money you earn!
These jobs are great for those who don’t like sticking to someone else’s schedule. With these jobs, you can make your own schedule, and work for yourself That means no taxes cut from your paycheck!