10 Students Top Tips to Studying for Finals

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Maddie Buckley 

Staff Writer


Studying can be stressful, but there are tips to reduce that stress. Photo courtesy of Maddie Buckley. 

With finals week rearing it’s head, students are stressing with the task of preparing. Thankfully, we’ve gathered Foran High’s student body’s ten best tips for studying for finals:

  1. “Make your own outline of everything you need to know for every class, and try to go over need-to-know topics.” –Ava Corsi, Junior
  2. “Do practice problems to figure out what you do and don;t know so you can focus on relearning topics and not spend too much time on what you already know well. Rewriting notes and making study guides helps too if you have more time.” –Gean Deguzman, Junior
  3. “I just ask good questions in class to make sure I understand it instead of having to memorize random information later.” –Pierce Klein, Senior
  4. “I ask for an outline from the teacher, and get help if you don’t understand the material. Also, get a good night’s sleep before.” –Erynn Zak, Sophomore
  5. “I make sure I get a good night’s sleep before finals and I take breaks during study time. I also eat a good dinner and breakfast.” –Lauren Yuliawan, Junior
  6. “Study a little bit each day.” –Carly Malesky, Senior
  7. “Definately get a group together, because studying as a group helps a lot.” –Meghan Sengstacken, Senior
  8. “Don’t just study things that are on the outline, because you want to be as well-informed as possible. Also, make sure you know if the test is cumulative for the year or if it’s just recent information, so you’re not studying more than you need to.” –Luke Tuzzola, Sophomore
  9. “Make it fun. Try quizzing yourself and studying with friends as a way to make studying a more fun and engaged experience, rather than a tedious task.” –Matt Kennedy, Junior
  10. “I would reorganize my notes and make sure everything is neat and orderly, because it’s a lot easier to find things you need when you know where everything is.” –Matt Cruz, Junior