Goodbye Co-Op, Hello Foran!

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Paige Kissinger

Staff Writer

A new school, new schedule, more sleep, a walk away; that sums up my senior year. Spending the past three years at Co-op, a high school for the arts in downtown New Haven, Foran is very different to what I’m used to. The massive size of Foran was the cause of my awkward situations, not to mention a little bit intimidating. But with the help of the Natural Helpers, that didn’t last very long and the excuse of getting lost is never used anymore. Compared to practically everyone else I passed in the halls, I probably looked like I was nervous and freaking out, but it isn’t just the halls that I had to get used to.

There are a couple things that are remarkably different: no one randomly break dances and create beats in the middle of the hallway, and the bathrooms aren’t full of girls waiting for their turn with the flat iron. Large, loud rap battles in lunch are nonexistent and the lockers are mansions compared to the ones I called my own. To be honest, the entire concept of study halls and senior privilege was new information and unknown to me. Being told that there was a possibility of sleeping in or leaving early was a celebration in itself.

The daily schedule, even, was something that was hard for me to remember. Common Time is something I’ve never had, and running into the wrong class is still an ongoing occurrence. The patience everyone had for me, especially the teachers, when I entered school is something to applaud, especially when I didn’t have access to computers for the first two and a half weeks. There is so much being offered that I wouldn’t have ever been able to take advantage of, considering that I now live in the same city of my high school.

There are clubs I haven’t ever heard of and meetings with teachers are more accessible. I have a better opportunity to get involved. This goes for sports as well; the only team that I was ever exposed to at Co-op was a basketball team that was never on the winning end. With this new abundance of athletics, everything got a little bit more entertaining. With many different games to attend, there is always something to be a part of. Overall, transferring to Foran has been a good experience. There are many new things to get accustomed to, but that is nothing new when you’re the new kid.