Foran Students Celebrate Accomplishments at Awards Night

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By Priyanka Srivastava

Staff Writer

Awards night at Foran Jenny and Jacqueline bring home awards

Awards night at Foran Jenny and Jacqueline bring home awards

Foran High School celebrated exceptionalism among it’s students at the All-Academic Awards on Thursday. Faculty presented the students with awards based on excellence in academic classes, community service, and leadership.

Mr. Berkowitz, Mr. Brennan, Mr. Schuck, and Dr. Golesky were the administrative members present, and they called up the students to the stage. Mr. Dillon handed out the Excellence in Technology, Engineering, and Communication Awards. Physics teacher Mr. Stern handed out the awards for Excellence in Science. AP Gov and AP U.S. History teacher Mr. Cesare had to honor of presenting the Excellence in Social Studies awards. Everyone’s favorite English teacher Mrs. DeFonzo presented students with Excellence in English Awards, while Mrs. Convertino, looking fashionable as ever, presented students with the Excellence in World Language Awards. Mrs. Sobel handed out the Excellence in Family and Consumer Science Awards, and Mrs. Shearer distributed the Excellence in Music Awards. AP Statistics teacher Mr.Zywocinski handed out the Excellence in Mathematics Awards and finally, physical education  teacher Mrs. Ganun handed out the Excellence in Gym Awards, and  business teacher Mr. Balistriere gave out the Excellence in Business Awards, and Mrs. Plude represented the Visual Arts department and presented awards for those classes. We were lucky to have such supportive teachers and mentors present while we celebrated our achievements.

It was officially announced that the Valedictorian of the Class of 2015 would be Annie Jin, and that the Salutatorian would be Kyle Lockwood. Juniors Lindsey Carlson and Joe Bartone were big winners, and so were seniors Haley Gluhanich, Kyle Lockwood, Annie Jin, and Kali Borden. Journalism’s very own Drew Lenz Journalism 2 award and Savannah Mailloux beat all of her Journalism 1 peers by taking home the Journalism 1 Award. The top ten students in the junior class were also announced, and they included Lindsay Broderick, Lindsay Carlson, Cedrick Lingane, Mark Duffy, Joe Bartone, Pat LePenna, Julia Farrell, Ethan Hanna, Justin Dickovick, and Brian Brown. These students will be walking the seniors down to the field when we graduate.

The night was one filled with pride and honor. We are proud of our accomplishments here at Foran High School and want to continue to have a strong work ethic in later years.

so many winners at Foran's awards night

so many winners at Foran’s awards night

More awards from last night So proud of our Foran students

More awards from last night So proud of our Foran students