Martin Luther King Day

Katherine Riordan

Staff Writer

Katie Buckheit

Sports Editor

Join Mayor Benjamin Blake and Dr. Elizabeth Feser, Superintendent of Schools, at City Hall Auditorium on Thursday, January 15 at 10:30 am as Milford celebrates Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy! Milford students and residents are encouraged to participate or volunteer in one of the many community service organizations in Milford. Everyone is invited to attend the event; it’s a great opportunity to honor Dr. MLK and to give back to the community at the same time!

It took 15 years to make Martin Luther King Jr. day a federal holiday. After MLK was assassinated in 1968, a congressman from Michigan John Conyers first introduced the legislation. After years of debating, the legislation was passed in 1983, and signed into law by Ronald Raegan.

Remembering King is important, because of his role and impact on society today. We took to the halls and asked: “How has MLK influenced society?”

“He has advanced our ideas on race and equality.” – Jon Brennan


“He is the reason for no legal segregation.” – Zac Cleary


“It made us more connected and united as a society.” – Anthony Labozzo


“I aspire to be like him because he took a stand and fought for his beliefs.” – Sam Mitchell


“It is a tremendous significance because I’m a history teacher and it was important to be passionate about beliefs even if there are consequences.”– Mrs. Svogun


“He has proven the power peaceful protest and how it can change people’s lives.”-Ms. Condin


“He is wonderful role model men especially in this turbulent time. Many could take a page from his life and emulate it.”-Ms.Uchaczyk

“He kick started the civil rights movement, a lot of which wouldn’t have happened without him. He managed to do so in a non-violent way, which was needed.” Mr. Palumbo


“He was the forerunner for equality. If it wasn’t for him, it would be totally different today.”-Ms. Hart



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