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En gardé, Prêt, Allez!: Foran Fencer, Aidan Riha, stands ready to fight his opponent at local tournament.

Milford Fencing

The Overlooked Sport Explained
Madison Ballard, Staff Writer | May 9, 2023

          The Milford fencing team is a welcoming team ready to bring in new members all across the local community. The combined Law and Foran fencing team is a place where high school students learn how to put the mind first in a physical sport. They have 4 seasonal tournaments         ...

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 Banquet Dinner: Mallory and Liam pose for a photo with Mr. Berkowitz and their awards, March 27, 2023.

Balancing Athletics and Academics: Scholar Athletes

Mackenzie Posey and David Maslar | May 2, 2023

          Scholar Athlete, one of the most prestigious awards, is given to two high school seniors per school, per season who show exemplary skill in both academics and sports. Mallory Janik and Liam Young were chosen to receive this award for the spring season to acknowledge their passion and dedication...

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Serving it up: Ryan Purviance serving the ball to his Sheehan opponent. April 22, 2023.

Boys Tennis Team Accepts All

          Joseph A. Foran’s Boys Tennis Team led by Coach Alan Stern has 19 players and is the largest it has been in recent years.            Stern starts his sixth season coaching the boys team that is led by senior captain Steven Mingrone and junior Ryan Purviance.          ...

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Pinned: Kelly Aspras gains advantage over a wrestler from Saint Joe’s during a recent match. January 19, 2023.

The Struggle Behind the Game

A Look at the Ups and Downs of Being a Female Athlete
Maddie Babcock, Staff Writer | February 22, 2023

          The most important part of any athletic team is having a community that works together and supports each other, but what happens when that community excludes people based on their gender?            For centuries, women have had to fight for the ability to be their own person,...

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SoFi Stadium: Super Bowl LVI Bengals vs Rams while Evan cheered on for the Bengals, February 13, 2022.

From Then to Now, The Super Bowl: America’s Favorite Competition

Julia DeEll and Lauren Stroffolino | February 13, 2023

          Every football season ends with the biggest game of the year known as the Super Bowl, originally known as the AFL-NFL World Championship Game. Since 1967, this championship game has been a mainstay in American culture and many are eager for this year's outcome.            The...

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Taking the Gold: Foran’s Wrestling Team winning the Staples Dual. January 14, 2023.

Pinning their Way to the Rings

Hayley Pokornowski and Samantha Rodriguez | February 13, 2023

          Joseph A. Foran High School’s Wrestling Team has started their journey to Class M Championship with a record of 27-9.           February 17 and 18 is Class M Championship, which is a big tournament between schools that are the same size. If a wrestler places in the top six they...

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Doyle Dribbling Up the Court: Doyle takes the ball up, while being guarded against Jonathan Law players, December 23, 2022.

Faith “Buckets”

How Faith Doyle is Making Her Mark on Foran Girls Basketball
Julia Deicicchi and Colleen Ardolino | February 6, 2023

          At the ripe age of six, Faith Doyle stepped onto the basketball court, and began the sport she loves. Doyle is a sophomore at Foran, and while she has only been a high school student for two years, she has made quite the name for herself. As the child of two college basketball players,...

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Triumph on the Track: Senior Isaiah Moore in athlete of the week shirt, December 12, 2022.

Every Seven Days

Foran Booster Club’s “Athlete of the Week” Continues
Jackson Doyle and Matthew Nolan | February 6, 2023

          Whether it's on a track, court, field, or in a pool, Foran highlights a special athlete each week. Athlete of the Week is an honor given out by the Booster club to an athlete that outperformed that week. They are shown and rewarded on the Friday news, sent out by Principal Max Berkowitz.   ...

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Senior Captains: Seniors Ginger Schmidt and Riley Grunow pose for a photo at one of their meets, January 2023.

Stick It

JAF Gym's Hard Work and Success This Season
Chloe Nittoly and Hannah Salsbury | January 31, 2023

          As the winter sports’ season began, the girls gymnastics team, officially known as JAF Gym, looked forward to starting fresh and is now working hard to end on a high note.           The season began with a victory over Mercy on January 7 at home with a score of Foran’s 122.35...

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Foran’s Successful History: Foran’s illustrious trophy case by the gym, January 27, 2023.

The History of Foran Athletics

Cian Carroll and James D'Angelo | January 31, 2023

          In 1973, Foran was established, along with the athletic department that now offers 13 sports to its students. Cross country, football, girls swimming, boys soccer, and volleyball were all added in the fall of 1973. In the winter, Foran offered basketball, wrestling, gymnastics, and boys...

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Photo 1: Say Cheese: Unified athletes taking a group picture together, October 20, 2022.

Pride Of Unification

Hayley Pokornowski and Samantha Rodriguez | January 25, 2023

          Unified Sports was created in 1998 and was founded by the Connecticut Special Olympics that created a partnership with Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference. Unified Sports was finally adopted into schools in 2008, and was created to promote equality and inclusion.      ...

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Twins Take the Tournament: Jack and Jamie D’Avignon at the fundraiser volleyball tournament this year, November 18, 2022.

Siblings in Sports: Twin Edition

Julia Deicicchi and Colleen Ardolino | January 24, 2023

          Twins may not have telepathy, but they often do have a lot in common, such as their love for a sport. A few fraternal twins at Foran play the same sport, but on their respective teams. These twins include seniors Jack and Jamie D’Avignon, seniors Nico and Skyler Agresti, and sophomores...

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