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TLC Talks

TLC Talks

Milford's Choice: Best Restaurants in Milford
Katie Vitaletti and Ella Nassef | February 15, 2024

Click the link below to hear Katie and Ella's 4th episode of their podcast, TLC Talks. This episode features the best restaurants in Milford. TLC Talks Episode 4 | Milford's Choice: Best Restaurants in Milford

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Badges of Honor: Several examples of the badges Boy Scouts can earn through their endeavors.

Celebrating Scouts

National Boy Scouts Day and the Scouting Community Within Foran
Maggie Bredbeck, Staff Writer | February 15, 2024

          For 113 years, the Boy Scouts of America have been nurturing skills and friendships among the more than 110 million Americans who have been included since their founding, according to           Boy Scouts of America was born on February 8, 1910, and National Boy Scouts...

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War on Poverty: President Lyndon B. Johnson meets with an American struggling with poverty, 1964.

War on Poverty Day

How Milford Organizations and Foran Clubs Are Helping Out
Isabella Palisi and Gavin Conte | February 12, 2024

          Each year on January 8, there is an international recognition for War on Poverty Day, which is used to reflect on how everyday individuals can eliminate poverty and improve living conditions for all.           Poverty can fall upon anyone, including students, veterans, seniors...

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Then vs. Now: Seniors Kelly Aspras, Matthew Nolan, Taylor LaFountain, Mackenzie Posey, and Emma Honcz shown freshman/sophomore year next to their senior year selves.

Turning Back Time

Class of ‘24 Reflects on Their Time at Foran
Lorelai Christy, Online Editor | February 12, 2024

          As Foran rang in the new year, the senior class reflected upon their upcoming plans after graduation. Some have experienced feelings of sentiment for their time in high school and have reminisced over numerous memories they’ve shared with their friends the last three years. If they’re...

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Simon Challenge: Students in AP Psychology, take the Simon Challenge as a part of a data collection and analysis activity for their cognitive psychology/memory unit, December 19, 2023.

Elevating Excellence: The Impact of AP Classes on Academic Achievement

Madison Ballard, Staff Writer | February 9, 2024

The variety of AP classes at Foran High School can be an eye-opening experience for students. The classes go from the English side of AP Language and Composition to the more scientific side with AP Chemistry and AP Biology.  Junior Allison Stefan is currently taking two AP classes and took AP classes...

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A random act of kindness can make someone’s day in just a simple way. Milford celebrates random acts of kindness all throughout February for National Random Acts Of Kindness month.

Cold February, Warm Heart

Milford’s Random Acts of Kindness
Carlie Mae Simard, Staff Writer | February 8, 2024

          In a world that often feels like it's spinning out of control, one Milford resident’s simple act of kindness is a shining beacon of hope.            Random Acts of Kindness Foundation began in California in 1982 when a woman named Anne Herbert wrote “Practice random acts of...

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Boys and Girls Club: Logo for the Milford Boys and Girls Club, January 23, 2024.

Making a Difference

Exploring Volunteer Opportunities in Milford
Hailee Rabbitt, Staff Writer | February 8, 2024

          In need of more volunteer hours? Milford has many opportunities to get involved in the community. While volunteering helps others, it also helps build self-confidence, improves mental health, and provides a sense of purpose to give back to others.           The Beth-El Center helps...

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Post Highschool Help: Colleges and careers displayed in the hallway to inspire students preparing for the next step. January 11, 2024.

Sending Love To School Counselors

Laney Chan and Shea Pangu | February 7, 2024

          The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) holds around 43,000 members, who are school counseling professionals. This association sponsors “National School Counseling Week” every year to shed light and show appreciation towards what school counselors do every day.     ...

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Paying Attention: Students in French four using whiteboards, participating in a lesson. January 11, 2024.

Saying Bonjour to Madame Duncan

Madame Duncan’s First Semester at Foran High School
Rosina Smith and Lila Rothbard | February 6, 2024

          As the first semester of this school year comes to an end, the new teachers at Foran have been able to adjust and truly learn the school environment.            Ms. Edmide Duncan is one of the nine new teachers at Foran this year and is a new addition to the World Language department,...

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Survivor: Mrs. Morrissey had gone to the Connecticut Sun pink out game. July 23, 2023.

Unite Against Cancer

World Cancer Day Shines a Light on Hope and Healing
Hayley Pokornowski, Staff Writer | February 4, 2024

          Imagine a world where cancer is no longer a devastating force. A world where people stand united, spreading awareness, and fighting for the future free from disease. On World Cancer Day, people come together to honor those affected, raise awareness, and inspire action.         ...

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Never Forget: Susan Unrad teaches Freshmen about the Holocaust on January 29, 2023.

Celebrating Liberation:

International Holocaust Remembrance Day
Jagger Rees and Laney Chan | February 2, 2024

           Horrific, inhumane, and cruel are all words that have been used to describe the Holocaust. From 1933 to 1945, six million Jewish individuals lives were taken by mass genocide, an event known as the Holocaust. Those who survived were liberated on January 27, 1945. This day is now recognized...

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Braving The Flames: Foran alumni and Milford firefighter Jake Burwell cutting a roof during a training exercise. October 12, 2023.

From Lockers to Ladders

Foran Alumni Turn to Serving Milford Community
Noah Champagne and Colin Monahan | February 2, 2024

           From navigating the hallways and stairwells of Foran to bravely putting out fires and saving lives, these Foran graduates seamlessly transitioned into their role of firefighters. Years after graduating, they are now putting their lives on the line serving Milford.           ...

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