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Café At Night: Lovely new seating arrangement in the Café for customers to enjoy, January 12, 2024.

Catching Up with Café Atlantique

Ellie Pasacreta and Gianna Weaver | February 2, 2024

          Located in the heart of downtown Milford, Café Atlantique is the perfect local spot to grab a bite to eat during all times of the day.            Since opening in 2000, Café Atlantique has continued to use fresh and sustainable ingredients in order to provide their customers...

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Officially an Officer: Brett Huber receives a plaque from Sergeant Matthew Mello, December 21, 2023.

“Remember Your ‘Why’”

Foran Alumni Graduate from Police Academy
Olivia Salai and Connor Rizzo | February 1, 2024

          To Foran graduate Mr. Rich Carino, becoming a police officer is about more than the glory and prestige that comes with the title.           “I will become the third generation of police officers in my family, my grandfather and uncle were both cops. Being able to work in the...

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Photo2 : The building of Milford Public Library in downtown.

“Overdue Books Cause Consequences”

Anna Drozdova, Staff Writer | January 30, 2024

          Books are an important source of information and inspiration and libraries are helping people with getting knowledge. However, not all books are returned back. It’s important to remember that these actions have consequences.           There are a lot of possibilities of what...

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Lit candle: In memory of the 6 million Jews who were killed in the Holocaust.

Looking at the Past: Holocaust Remembrance Day

Anna Drozdova, Staff Writer | January 26, 2024

          “I simply can’t build up my hopes on a foundation consisting of confusion, misery, and death. I see the world gradually being turned into a wildness…if I look up into the heavens, I think that it will all come right, that this cruelty too will end, and that peace and tranquility...

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March on Washington: Martin Luther King Jr. giving his speech at the March on Washington, December 11, 2023.

Honoring The Legacy

The Celebration of Martin Luther King Day
Rosina Smith and Katie Vitaletti | January 12, 2024

          Martin Luther King Jr. was a very well known civil rights activist in the United States. Younger generations across the country learn about him in history class, practice celebrating his legacy and beliefs. His powerful speeches and dedication to equality has left a long lasting legacy...

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Seeing the Sights: A view of the world renowned Eiffel Tower in Paris, France from Elle’s European adventure this summer. July 10, 2023.

2024 Travel Guide

Where Did Foran Lions Travel in 2023?
Elle Philpott and Kelsey Kiely | January 11, 2024

          Foran is going places! Literally. 2023 was filled with a variety of different travel destinations for both students and teachers, all the way from Europe to Florida. No matter the location, 46% of students polled about their trips this year, are saying they traveled to make memories.  ...

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Sweet Sticky Notes: Examples of positive sticky notes across lockers around Foran, December 12, 23.

Sticky Note Smiles

Positive Notes Spreading Across Foran Campus
Alexandra Montero and Madeline Babcock | January 11, 2024

          As many have noticed, positive post-it notes have been plastered onto lockers, doors, and walls around Foran. The SAVE Promise club took it upon themselves to stay after school hours to fill sticky notes with optimistic words of affirmation.            Ms. Melissa Kaminski, a...

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Revolutionary Technology: The Las Vegas Sphere lit up in the night.

2023 Wrapped

A Look Back at the National Events in the Past Year
Kasen Lanese and Jake Israelite | January 10, 2024

          2023 was filled with unprecedented changes, technological strides, and societal shifts. Sports, and music industries were booming with the most popular tv program in history, as well as several massive album releases in several different genres. On the other hand, conflict, and controversy...

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Old vs New: On the left one of Foran’s first ever yearbooks from 1975 to the most recent one of 2023, December 13, 2023.

Forever Cherishing Memories

Yearbook Spotlight
Rumeysa Bayram and Alana Finlayson | January 9, 2024

          For hundreds of years, high schools around the world have created yearbooks as a way to reminisce the memories they make in high school. Having a reminder to the most significant periods in someone's life [high school] is a way to cherish memories forever.             Over the...

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Yes/No: 46 Foran students answered a poll on whether they believe listening to music is beneficial to studying.

Benefits of Music for Students: How Does Listening Affect Studying?

Lorelai Christy, Online Editor | January 8, 2024

          The most popular music streaming platforms among students are Spotify and Apple Music. At the end of every year, these platforms come out with Spotify Wrapped and Apple Replay - a summary of the user’s listening habits through the year.           These summaries include the user’s...

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Where Everyone is Home: The logo of the official Beth-El Center with their motto, Dec. 8, 2023.

War on Poverty Day

How Milford Organizations and Foran Clubs Are Helping Out
Isabella Palisi and Gavin Conte | January 8, 2024

          Each year on January 8, there is an international recognition for War on Poverty Day, which is used to reflect on how everyday individuals can eliminate poverty and improve living conditions for all.           Poverty can fall upon anyone, including students, veterans, seniors...

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Helping Out: Foran alumni Bianca Torres poses with a student during her internship at Orange Avenue Elementary School, June 2022.

Renovations on Memory Lane

Upcoming Changes to Milford’s Mastery-Based Diploma Assessment
Olivia Salai and Connor Rizzo | January 5, 2024

          Principal Mr. Max Berkowitz has a goal for every student enrolled at Foran High School: to help each student prepare for the world ahead of them.           “What I want for students is for them to be deep thinkers and be as prepared as possible for the future,” Berkowitz affirms.  ...

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