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Madison Ballard

Madison Ballard, Staff Writer

Hi! I am Madison Ballard and I am a Junior at Foran High School. I have now been in Journalism for 2 years. I am a part of the Key Club and the Giving Table where we make food for people in need or going through tough times. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, working out, and going to the beach. 


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Close Up: A colorful fantail fish swims to the glass to say “hello.” At the All Pets Club, you can find a variety of fantail fish, and others, April 21, 2024, Photo Courtesy: Madison Ballard

Beneath the Surface: Fish in Focus

Madison Ballard and Jocelyn Gonzalez | May 30, 2024

A deeper look into the aquatic fish at the All Pets Club in Branford, CT. All types of fish are accessible at the wonderful store, ranging from Percula clownfish to goldfish. The All Pets Club has freshwater fish, live corals, saltwater fish, food and care, live plants, decor, etc. Online shopping for...

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Preparing for the Game: Thomas Rashad and Keijah Gordon preparing for the next match, January 17, 2024.

Coach T: Shaping Champions in Wrestling and School Spirit

Madison Ballard, Staff Writer | March 13, 2024

           Thomas Rashad, better known as Coach T, has had a lasting impression on Foran, influencing not only the sports scene but also the core values of the community. Coach T has inspired teachers and students with his constant commitment to excellence and coaching.            Coach...

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Simon Challenge: Students in AP Psychology, take the Simon Challenge as a part of a data collection and analysis activity for their cognitive psychology/memory unit, December 19, 2023.

Elevating Excellence: The Impact of AP Classes on Academic Achievement

Madison Ballard, Staff Writer | February 9, 2024

The variety of AP classes at Foran High School can be an eye-opening experience for students. The classes go from the English side of AP Language and Composition to the more scientific side with AP Chemistry and AP Biology.  Junior Allison Stefan is currently taking two AP classes and took AP classes...

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Cheer Season: Allison Stefan posing for the camera with crate she decorated for cheer, August 20, 2023.

Q & A with Allison Stefan

Madison Ballard, Staff Writer | January 31, 2024

Q: How many AP classes are you taking and which ones? A: Right now I am taking AP US History, it’s similar to the US History I took a sophomore year, there are just a lot more quizzes and tests now.  I also take AP Lang, AP Lang is unlike any other class I have taken. In This class, there are a...

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Skiing into winter: Alana Finlayson and Aggie Dalton smiling for camera while skiing, February 5, 2022.

Carving the Slopes Together: Joining the High School Ski Club

Madison Ballard, Staff Writer | December 15, 2023

          Ski Club at Foran High School is a club for everyone, for experts and beginners. There are the obvious social and physical activity benefits from joining the ski club. It is now skiing season and the ski club is a great opportunity to make new friends and have a fun time.       ...

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Cousins in class: Meredith and Nora Hayes with Mr. Algiere and Mr. Phelan in his classroom, October 17, 2023.

Families Interacting in Foran

Madison Ballard, Staff Writer | November 15, 2023

          Seeing familiar faces around Foran is typical, but seeing relatives is a whole different story. Having familiar faces in Foran High School has been proven by students like Meredith Hayes, and Jackie Tosakoon, and teachers that it helps them feel more comfortable and safe.       ...

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Pumpkin Lights: Pumpkin Festival in Stratford CT, October 12, 2018.

Fall Trends

Falling into Fall Drinks, Fashion, and Festivals
Madison Ballard, Staff Writer | October 4, 2023

          As the air becomes colder, new trends start to arise. Fashion, fall drinks, and festivals replace the beach on a summer day with autumn. Starbucks and Dunkin released their fall drinks, sparking excitement in many communities.            Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Iced Apple Crisp...

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En gardé, Prêt, Allez!: Foran Fencer, Aidan Riha, stands ready to fight his opponent at local tournament.

Milford Fencing

The Overlooked Sport Explained
Madison Ballard, Staff Writer | May 9, 2023

          The Milford fencing team is a welcoming team ready to bring in new members all across the local community. The combined Law and Foran fencing team is a place where high school students learn how to put the mind first in a physical sport. They have 4 seasonal tournaments         ...

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	The Room Where it Happens: Special Education room at Foran, in which Special Education students find tools to grow and thrive, February 1, 2023.

Teachers at Foran Hope to Spread Light on Autism

A Look at Autism Awareness Day
Madison Ballard and Hailey Kuzma | April 4, 2023

          In the month of April, a common diagnosis affecting more than 200,000 Americans every year is recognized ( Autism Awareness Day helps bring attention to those who lie on the broad spectrum of autism.            Autism occurs in one...

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Bradford Teaching: Mrs. Bradford at desk ready to teach students, February 15, 2023.

Travels with Mrs. Bradford

Madison Ballard and Hailey Kuzma | March 29, 2023

          Mrs. Bradford has had a life filled with traveling, new cultures, and making friends around the entire world. Her favorite destination was Japan, where she worked for two years. She lived with a family in Japan who exposed her to Japanese culture.           Bradford's first experience...

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Electronics: Target advertises electronics for the upcoming Christmas season, December 13, 2022.

Is Technology Taking Over Christmas Gifts?

Madison Ballard and Hailey Kuzma | December 22, 2022

          Over the years, the variety of gifts given during the holiday season has evolved. While the world is developing, the same goes for gifts. Instead of dolls, art supplies, and puzzles, items such as iPhones, iPads, and other forms of technology have infiltrated the Christmas gift scene.   ...

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Interior Design Room: Interior design room learning objects, November 11, 2022.

Interior Design’s Impactful Creativity

How Foran Encourages Interior Design and the Creativity Behind It
Hailey Kuzma and Madison Ballard | November 30, 2022

          Throughout the school year, creativity is a prominent aspect of every student’s life. Interior Design’s curriculum focuses on giving students creative freedom through various projects and interactive activities.            Interior Home Design teacher Ms. Rachel Pangu states,...

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View from the Stands: View from stands at pink out football game, October 7, 2022.

October Highlight: Homecoming Recap

Madison Ballard, Staff Writer | October 28, 2022

          Foran had a thrilling and fun filled homecoming week to get everyone excited for the homecoming game, as well as the dance.            The spirit week themes included Flannel Day, Pink Day, Groutfit Day, and Color Wars.            Sophomore Carlie Simard states that “Going...

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