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Close Up: A colorful fantail fish swims to the glass to say “hello.” At the All Pets Club, you can find a variety of fantail fish, and others, April 21, 2024, Photo Courtesy: Madison Ballard

Beneath the Surface: Fish in Focus

Madison Ballard and Jocelyn Gonzalez | May 30, 2024

A deeper look into the aquatic fish at the All Pets Club in Branford, CT. All types of fish are accessible at the wonderful store, ranging from Percula clownfish to goldfish. The All Pets Club has freshwater fish, live corals, saltwater fish, food and care, live plants, decor, etc. Online shopping for...

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Blossom: An upward angle of a cherry blossom leaf in an area surrounding the trust parcel is shown. The sun adds saturation to the branches and the flower.

Conserving the Environment for Generations to Come

A Look at The Milford Land Conservation Trust, Inc. Brewster Road Land Parcel and Surrounding Areas
Gavin Conte, Staff Writer | May 30, 2024

The Milford Land Conservation Trust, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve and conserve the natural resources throughout Milford for generations to come. With locations all around Milford ensuring over 125 acres of land, all trust property is open to the public. Popular activities...

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Seniors being Seniors: Class of 2024 doing an age old tradition painting the Foran rock with their names. August 23, 2024 Photo courtesy: Elle Philpott

Friends at Foran

Class of ‘24’s Journey of Friendships in High School
Elle Philpott, Jimmy D, and Eli Gomes | May 30, 2024

Four years ago the Class of 2024 began their journey at Foran. Foran is a place where students learn, grow, and build friendships. High school friendships can be incredibly significant and influential in shaping one’s teenage years and beyond. It is the goal to create friendships that can help students...

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Friendships from Foran: Senior Cameron Lefebvre and junior Devon Hines pose for a photo. Photo courtesy: Devon Hines.

Gratitude in Graduation

Class of 2024 Reflects on What They’re Thankful For
Dabi Lee and Connor Rizzo | May 28, 2024

With graduation quickly approaching, many seniors now take the time to reflect back on their high school experience and what joys their school supplied them with. Between new friendships, student-teacher bonds, and countless academic, athletic, and extracurricular opportunities, Foran has provided its...

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Rose Beauty: A community plot  is filled with multi-colored roses.

Contributions of a Community

An Up-Close Look into the Creations of Milford’s Gardeners
Madeline Babcock and Alexandra Montero | May 13, 2024

As summer is approaching, so are times of blossom for the Milford Community Gardens. Made up of around 250 Milford residents and 135 plots, the community gardens have been around since 1968 and are now currently run by the Milford Rec. Department. Here’s an early look into some of the plants and projects...

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Madeline M. boards her horse “First Flight” or Delta at Testo Family Farms. This farm offers riding lessons but it is also a boarding facility.

A Tour of Our Local Farms

Carlie Mae Simard, Staff Writer | May 13, 2024

Throughout the year, farms can be a great place for friends and family to get plants, gifts, or fresh produce. A nice spring or summer day can even be a perfect time to go horseback riding outside! Local farms surrounding Milford all have their specialties. This is why I have captured images at four...

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Marble House

Built in 1892, the Marble House was meant as a 39th birthday present for steamboat industry heir William Vanderbilts wife, Alva Vanderbilt. Not only does the home serve as an architectural landmark for the area, but it also shaped the social scene of Newport, transforming it from a quiet summer destination to a Gilded Age hotspot.

The Rich History of Newport Mansions

Gracie Brogan, Content Editor | May 10, 2024

While the New England hotspot of Newport, Rhode Island is known for its picturesque beaches and vital sailing life, it's home to historic Gilded Age mansions, each with a mysterious and unique history. The homes have seen years of luxurious parties, scandals, and important figures of the Gilded Age.

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This image was taken at 3:25, at the beginning of totality. For the next three and a half minutes, Saranac Lake would be in complete darkness.

A Once in A Lifetime Moment

Tino Pavlat, Staff Writer | May 10, 2024

The total solar eclipse, happening for the first time in the North Eastern US  since August 21, 2017. Totality did not hit Milford, Connecticut, but I was not in Milford at this time. I was in Saranac Lake, New York, directly in the path of totality. At 3:24, totality came over us, darkening the town...

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Riley Young #14 trying to get closer to the goal with a Hamden player defending him.

Lacrosse Superstars

Capturing the Thrills and Skills of Boys Lacrosse
Hayley Pokornowski, Staff Writer | May 7, 2024

Step onto the lacrosse field and witness the incredible talent and determination of these young male student athletes as they showcase their skills. Looking through the lens of photojournalism, we’ll capture the passion, competitiveness, and the athleticism that defines boys lacrosse.

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Night Lights

The captivating interior of Misimi in Shelton, CT serving sushi and an array of Asian dishes. This restaurant shows off different colored lights at night and is the perfect place for late-night sushi cravings, April 5, 2024.

All You Can Eat Asian Gems in CT

Elizabeth Tran, Staff Writer | May 7, 2024

Explore all you can eat Asian dining experiences in Connecticut; Dim Sum & Hotpot, Kpot Kbbq and Hotpot, Misimi and Sushi House. Whether you're craving dim sum, hotpot’s savory broth surrounded by vegetables, sizzling BBQ or elegant sushi, each restaurant promises a distinctive culinary adventure....

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Canvas Patch

Filled with hundreds of knick-knacks and trinkets, Canvas Patch is great for gifts or just perusing.

Hidden Gems of Milford

Showcasing Small Downtown Businesses
Dabi Lee and Jasmine Phung | May 3, 2024

Milford is home to hundreds of places for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Many of these spots lie along the bustling streets of downtown. However, past the chain businesses and popular hotspots, local treasures wait to be discovered.

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The finished product of Ixtuman’s cooking, two delicious beef birria tacos- the restaurant’s most popular item, April 15, 2024.

Good Food by Good People

Into the Kitchen of Don Rene’s Taqueria
Connor Rizzo, Content Editor | May 3, 2024

It’s not often a restaurant can make you feel like family. At Don Rene’s Taqueria, located at 50 Broad Street in the heart of downtown Milford, familial treatment comes with the delicious meal. Even though the restaurant is modest in size, the outstanding, always-friendly atmosphere and welcoming...

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