the mane street mirror

In Memory: Foran students make stars to remember the veterans they know who fought for them, November 10, 2022. Photo Courtesy: Melissa Santos.

Veterans Day

Celebrating, Honoring, and Listening
Melissa Santos and Hannah Salsbury | November 11, 2022

   With Veterans Day being celebrated on Friday, November 11, Foran High School held an assembly on the Thursday before to honor the veterans of the greater Foran community. Along with the celebration there were guest speakers who came to different classrooms throughout the day to share their experience...

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Guitar on the beach:: Leighton Whaley playing guitar on his porch in Milford, CT. early in the morning, May 8, 2022.

Student Spotlight: Leighton Whaley

Creating Music Amongst the Youth
Eliot Poffenberger and Oliver Ardrey | June 1, 2022

          Student Leighton Whaley is a senior at Foran during the day, and a guitar player and songwriter at night. Whaley occupies his time with an array of activities from going to the gym to creating music.           Whaley began playing guitar in 2016 when he first started playing the...

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Meeting his idol: Photo of Joey Honcz and Ryan Mcdonough from the New York Rangers, December 2, 2015.

Joey Honcz: Student Spotlight

Beating the Odds
Ryan French and Aidan Davis | May 19, 2022

          Joey Honcz is a senior at Joseph A. Foran High School who has gone through much adversity throughout his life. But despite his childhood being interrupted by Leukemia in grade five to returning to sports after missing so much time, he has found much success in his academics and athletics.  ...

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A Look Inside Micalizzis: Micalizzis vibrant interior, May 1, 2022.

Micalizzi’s Makeover

Sweet Treats in Milford’s Streets
Julia DeEll and Kylee Payne | May 13, 2022

         Micalizzi’s Italian Ice opened during the summer of 2021 in downtown Milford and is currently up and running for the season. As of last year, Micalizzi's offered only ice cream, Italian ice, and cookie ice cream sandwiches called Peace Cookies. This year, the new menu is offering an abundance...

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Old News: Past editions of the Mane Street Mirror line the walls of room 255.

Behind the Headlines

The Making of the Mane Street Mirror
Sean Ayoub and Bella Mema | March 11, 2022

     It’s the beginning of March. The Mane Street Mirror welcomes students as they make their way into school. By second period, copies are seen throughout yellow hall, in the hands of every student, and being worn as hats.      “Paper Day,” as it’s known, has been a Foran tradition...

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Miss Emerald Isle Emily Mager: Miss Emerald Isle  in the St. Patricks Day Parade: Photo courtesy: Diana Mager, March 17, 2018.

Miss Emerald Isle

How the Irish Heritage Society Benefits Milford
Kylee Payne and Fiona Ciambriello | March 11, 2022

     The Irish Heritage Society of Milford (IHSM) has been honoring Irish heritage for 16 years and has kept the culture alive throughout the town. Annually, the society honors a young woman of Irish heritage who has displayed honorable and selfless acts throughout the community, giving her the title...

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Joe Gaetano: Gaetano makes a play against Foran rivals, Law. Photo Courtesy: Joe Gaetano, February 25, 2022

More Than Just a Game

Zach Worzel and Mati Gorges | March 10, 2022

     There are many different ways sports can positively impact a person's life. In the Foran community, there are 540 student athletes who are all part of the Lion family. One of Foran’s highly talented student athletes is Joe Gaetano, a junior that plays baseball, basketball, and football. Joe...

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 Pictured is one of the most viral drinks ordered this year from Starbucks.

Coffee Craze

How Caffeine Addiction is Starting Younger and Younger
Haley Flynn and Eliot Poffenberger | March 10, 2022

     Caffeine addiction is becoming normalized in school and in society. Walking to class every morning it's nearly impossible not to see a student holding a coffee beverage whether it be from Dunkin, Starbucks, or from home. What once seemed designated to adults is being overtaken and capitalized...

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Titanic departing Southamton, England. Photo Courtesy: Robert John Welch, April 10, 1912.

The Unsinkable Ship

Thomas Gauthier, Staff Writer | March 10, 2022

     This coming April 15 will mark the 110-year anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking, serving as a day to commemorate the lives lost during the tragedy.      On April 15, 1912, the RMS Titanic, prized possession of the White Star Line ship company, struck an iceberg 325 miles off the coast...

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Before and After: A Before and After Photo of the Robert Treat Memorial Bridge. Photo Courtesy: and Cian Carroll, February 6, 2022.

The Unique History of Milford

Cian Carroll and James D'Angelo | March 10, 2022

     Founded in 1639, Milford has exhibited traits of a coastal city with a beautiful downtown and several notable landmarks. The city we call home has changed dramatically over the past 383 years.      One of the oldest cities in all of the U.S. has a very rich history. From the U.S. becoming...

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Batter Up: LaMorte steps into the box and is getting ready to hit. Photo courtesy Chadwick and Co Photography, May 1, 2021.

Dream Catching

Kendall LaMorte is Committed to CCSU
Morgan Viesselman, Sports Editor | March 10, 2022

     Softball has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember. Senior Kendall LaMorte is eager to continue her softball career for another four years at Central Connecticut State University.       Kendall says that she is excited to play in a new environment and meet new people....

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Drama Club Rehearsal: The cast rehearses a scene for this year’s Mamma Mia play.

A Peek Behind the Curtains of Foran’s Drama Club

Cynthia Pan and Fiani Lin | March 9, 2022

     Imagine sitting in the auditorium of Foran High School on April 8. The red curtains open and as the auditorium lights shut off, the bright spotlights illuminate the stage. The bustling audience gradually decrescendos and focuses their attention on the stage.       Despite the dazzling...

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