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The Common App is the main resource for starting the college process.
Photo Courtesy: Emily Jankura 02-21-21

How to be an Expert On All Things College

Everything to Know About Starting the College Application Process
Katherine Parker and Emily Jankura | March 12, 2021

     As the first of May slowly approaches, seniors from all over begin to commit to colleges, and underclassmen are starting to look into the process of applying.       The college process can be challenging for those who go into it with a closed mind, but students can tackle each step in...

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Where The Freshman Fears Begin: The exterior of Foran High School. Photo Courtesy: Rumeysa Bayram, March 1, 2021

How Freshmen Students are Adapting to High School

Rumeysa Bayram and Jocelyn Gonzalez | March 11, 2021

     Many eighth graders tend to feel stressed, worried, or fearful when first entering their four years of high school.      Others are excited to experience the four major years of their lives. Freshmen tend to feel one, or even both at the same time. Arriving at high school is a big deal...

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Trendy Tie-Dye: Pictured above is a bunch of Tie-Dye pieces in Material Girls in Orange, CT. Photo courtesy: Michelle Viesselman, February 23, 2020

Fashion Reboots: Trends That Have Come and Gone

Morgan Viesselman, Staff Writer | March 11, 2021

     Fashion has always been something that younger generations have enjoyed. Trends vary from decade to decade based on people, styles of clothing, and even the weather.       Trends start from what models are wearing at fashion shows and on runways. The clothing items and outfits that are...

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Views of Italy Julia’s view of Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence

Traveling Through School: Study Abroad Programs

Mary Grace Weissauer, Co-editor in chief | March 9, 2021

     There were more than 1 million international students in the United States in the 2018/19 academic year, according to the Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange, which is published annually by IIE with support from the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the U.S. Department...

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 Digital art photo of canceling diet culture Photo credit: Nicole Jones

Analysing Diet Trends: Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

Trigger Warning: Eating Disorders are briefly mentioned
Nicole Jones and Alexandrea Velez | March 8, 2021

     Every New Year's resolution you hear the phrase, ‘Maybe next Sunday’ way too often. Diet culture has become a huge trend in the last few decades, especially near the start of every new year. However, for the average individual it's an endless cycle, this is due to the fact that most people...

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Best Buddies logo: recognize the organization everywhere you go! Photo courtesy: Steph Galaburri, February 18, 2021

Best Buddies: a Friendship to Last Forever

Stephanie Galaburri, Staff Writer | March 8, 2021

     Best Buddies is an organization that gives members of the community that have intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD) a chance to form lifelong friendships. The Best Buddies club connects students who are looking to get involved in the unique program.       “Best Buddies...

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Holiday Festivities: Michael Giordano and his brothers at a Christmas event at the University of South Carolina. Photo courtesy of Jack Medve, December 15, 2020.

Going To College: Get Involved in Greek Life

Anthony Giordano and Luca Ubaldi | March 8, 2021

     As high school students transition into college, it’s important to build new bonds and new relationships. Greek life is a social organization broken up into fraternities and sororities. There are many types of fraternities (frats) and sororities that college students rush to every year. During...

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Pasta Primavera: A nutritious and delicious vegetarian dish.

Major Changes: Switching to a Vegetarian Lifestyle

Maria Garbin, Staff Writer | March 8, 2021

     Making a major change isn’t something that happens from day to night. The first way to start is by deciding how to proceed and making small changes, until one day the major objective is achieved. And this is no different if you’re looking to become a vegetarian.      Aside from religious...

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Pictured above is a before picture of Erin Coyle´s client Abby Woodward´s hair that has been dyed at home, not received a hair trim in over a year, uses TRESemme and other over the counter products with harmful chemicals. Photo Courtesy Erin Coyle 6/22/2020

Hair Care: How To Maintain and Establish a Healthy Hair Care Routine

Abby Woodward and Amanda Queiroz | March 8, 2021

     Maintaining a healthy hair routine can be a difficult task, no matter how simple it may sound. Often many women struggle with their wash routine and end up washing their hair more often than necessary. Women also struggle with selecting products that are safe and healthy for their hair. A lot...

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Quizlet can be a useful resource to help learn vocabulary in any language. Photo Courtesy: Ivy Glidden, February 22, 2021.

How to Learn a New Language

Julianne Yasona and Ivy Glidden | March 8, 2021

     Knowing another language is a rewarding skill, and the process of learning it can be an enriching experience. Not only does it open many career opportunities, but learning a new language can also open up one's mind, allowing more interpersonal possibilities.       “[Learning another...

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Ready to fight: Nick Newell and James Dalby posing for a picture at Fighting Arts Academy CT. Photo Courtesy: Karen Dalby, 2016

Nick Newell’s Rise to Fame

Kaitlyn Dalby and James Dalby | March 8, 2021

     To be an MMA champion is a dream for many. To work all your life to be a champion and to accomplish it is nothing short of amazing. Nick Newell has experienced all of this. What makes him different is he was born with only one arm, but that has never stopped him from accomplishing his goals.  ...

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 Gaming: Playstation 5. Photo courtesy of Jake Israelite, February 16, 2021.

Next Generation Consoles, What You Need to Know

Jake Israelite, Staff Writer | March 4, 2021

     The new Xbox and PlayStation have been very hard to get a hold of. But the wait is worth it.  Incredible graphics, much improved download speeds, and faster loading times are just to name a few improvements.       Freshman Zackary Israelite, an owner of the new PlayStation, the PS5, says...

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