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Photo of Downtown Milford Connecticut: Photo courtesy: Lauren Ardolino, February 21, 2021.

Exploring the History of St. Patrick’s Day in Milford;

How the History of St. Patrick's Day Affects the Celebration of Culture in Milford.
Lauren Ardolino, Staff Writer | March 2, 2021

     Irish bread, shamrock cookies, and celebratory parades are all components that fall on the date of March 17. The St. Patrick's Day Parade has been a continuous event that occurs every year, besides the year of 2020 and 2021. This parade celebrates Irish heritage and acknowledges the death of...

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Puppy Love: Brendan Ziegler’s dog, Shea
Photo Courtesy: Brendan Ziegler

Finding a Furever Home: A Look at Animal Rescues

Katharine Harrison, Staff Writer | March 2, 2021

     With a wet little nose and floppy ears, many people know the warm, fuzzy feeling they get when they see a puppy. When people think of domesticated animals, generally their minds go to a dog sitting at their feet, or a cat curled up on a chair; however, not all pets are so lucky.      According...

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Mivette’s daily schedule she plans for herself. Photo Courtesy: Mivette Garcia February 15, 2021

Balancing a Busy Schedule

Tatyanna Bun and Caitlin Ardito | February 26, 2021

     Many students partake in extracurricular activities whether it's a sport, club, part-time job or one of each. It can become stressful juggling school activities and a job, but it can be done.       According to Youth Employment, 50 percent of all youth, ages 16–24, are employed, either...

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Modelling Headbands: Garcia and her model posing for pictures at a shoot for her website, November 1, 2020.

The Making of Miguelinda: How a 16 Year Old Created a Successful, Growing Business.

Seraiah LaPorte, Staff Writer | February 26, 2021

     On April 26 Foran student, Mivette Garcia, created and launched her own business called Miguelinda. The brand went from a small job between her Snapchat account to having a website and social media presence. Through some struggles and complications, Garcia has created a name for herself as an...

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Plants can help: Beautiful mums in a planting pot.  Photo Courtesy: Kaleigh Porcu, July 16, 2020

How to Help Your Environment

Kaleigh Porcu, Staff Writer | February 25, 2021

        When speaking about conserving nature, it really means talking about taking care of the future, because nature provides essential resources for survival and enjoyment. Depending on nature is a big part of reality.          Planet Earth is a closed system with limited resources—there...

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In Concert: Ms. Turner conducting the Foran Band during their weekend trip to New York City. Photo courtesy: Ms. Jessica Turner, March 2019.

Tuning in with Turner

The value of music education
Sean Ayoub and Bella Mema | February 22, 2021

     Ms. Jessica Turner, Foran Band Director and mother of two, is celebrating 25 years of teaching, 17 of which have been at Foran. From these years, she has gained not only a vast knowledge of music but an understanding of the value of music education in schools as well.       Growing up...

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