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Flying High: Flyers Anna Paul and Luci Cappello perform at the Foran vs Brookfield football game. Photo Courtesy: Meghan Oliver, September 24, 2021.

The Brains Behind the Brawn

How the Mentality of Athletes Affect their Performance
Ginger Schmidt and Julia DeEll | February 21, 2022

     Athletes work tirelessly to become the best they can, training both their muscles and their minds. While the physical strength and endurance of athletes are easily seen by spectators, the mental aspect of sports often goes unnoticed.       The psychological side of sports includes pregame...

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Pirate Paradise: Charles Island in the afternoon.

The Pirates of Charles Island

Tales of Old and Gold
Ronan Smith, Staff Writer | February 16, 2022

     The sea and ocean trade has long been at the forefront of human history, and it is said that whenever a shark swims, there will always be a leech on its belly. In the case of oceangoing trade, that leech was, and in parts of the world still is, piracy.       Piracy and its actors, pirates,...

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A positive role model:  Owen cheers on his teammates while recovering from a knee injury. Photo Courtesy: Maria Crocco, October 1, 2021.

Climbing the Ladder

High School Senior Shares Career Aspirations
Katharine Harrison, Overall Manager | February 16, 2022

     A strong athlete and a positive person, Owen McCabe has certainly made his mark at Foran. With the end of his senior year on the horizon, he’s started to make decisions about his future. His future, however, looks a little different from that of the average student.      When thinking...

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Competition Day: The USA Wushu Team trains before competing internationally in Emeishan, China.

Kickin’ It Behind the Scenes: Kung Fu

Tori Matula, Content Editor | February 15, 2022

     Kung fu is a type of martial arts that dates back to the fifth century B.C. It is a combination of “soft” and “hard” fighting techniques. The Shaolin Dynasty influenced the history of kung fu by including fighting styles and elements of Buddhism, which eventually developed into a sport.   ...

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Shazier Flashback: Ryan Shazier making an interception in front of his memorable events.

Ryan Shazier: Battling the Obstacles of Life

Tyler Vinhais and Luke Cruz | February 15, 2022

     Ryan Shazier has suffered many obstacles in his life, including partial paralysis at age 28. As a child, he was diagnosed with Alopecia, an autoimmune disease causing hair loss. Despite this, Shazier made it his dream to compete in the NFL since age five, competing in pee-wee leagues. Instead...

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Voting Today: Milford’s ballot drop-off box is located in front of City Hall.

Equity, Elections, and The Evolution of Voting Rights in America

Bella Mema and Sean Ayoub | February 14, 2022

     February 15 marks the birthday of Susan B. Anthony. Born in 1820, she lived in a time when only white men could vote. Anthony, along with fellow activists, made it her mission to secure this right.      Nearly 100 years later, after her death, Congress passed the 19th Amendment officially...

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The Rams preview their stadium to the public as they get ready to host the Super Bowl. Photo Courtesy: Los Angeles Rams February 9, 2022.

Super Bowl LVI

The Tradition Continues
Kyle Zarnoch, Sports Editor | February 11, 2022

     For 55 years, families, friends and people of all relations have met and gathered to watch the Super Bowl. This year's matchup between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams is on February 13 at SoFi Stadium. Fans can find the game being televised on NBC at 6:30 PM E.S.T.     ...

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Interstate 95: “The Road Most Traveled”

Interstate 95: A Compelling History

Azam Hostetler, Staff Writer | January 4, 2022

     The country's most traveled road, Interstate 95, commissioned in 1956 by President Eisenhower's National Interstate and Defense Highways Act, has a compelling history behind its legacy. It spans nearly 2,000 miles from Florida to Maine to serve millions of people, shaping lives for decades.  ...

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Savin Rock Then: Photograph inside of Jimmy’s restaurant of the park and what it used to look like.

The Story of Savin Rock

A Park Long Forgotten
Azam Hostetler, Staff Writer | November 20, 2021

     Imagine walking down a brightly lit street, sounds from amusement rides and the roar of roller coasters echoing all around, the breeze of the summer night, people having fun and the smell of fried foods and cotton candy.       Today, Savin Rock Park in West Haven, CT is a nice place to...

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A Student Who Stands Out: Due to his academic excellence, sophomore Joseph Cichowski receives a special certificate from the President’s Education Awards Program in 2019. Photo courtesy: Joseph Cichowski, February 23, 2021.

The Key to Getting Good Grades

Connor Nieman, Staff Writer | March 17, 2021

     Every student has most likely heard sometime in their life that getting good grades in school is the best way to boost their chances of being successful in the future. In addition, good grades are also a confidence-booster and allow students to feel a sense of accomplishment.  That being said,...

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“Goldie” : This collection is made up of figures and the belt based around the WWF championship that was dubbed “Goldie” by many wrestling fans. Photo Courtesy David Cogan. January 12, 2021.

Collections: Extraordinary Feats Built By Ordinary People

Sam Cogan and Ben Cogan | March 17, 2021

     In recent years the trend of collecting items has taken a mass surge in popularity. Collections are becoming a must have, supplied by items such as vinyl figures, collectibles, shoes, and even sports jerseys.      People have been collecting items for a long time in many different ways,...

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Netflix Showcases New Movies: Netflix’s interface puts its new movies front and center. 
Photo courtesy: Kathleen Chang, February 15, 2021.

Fighting Quarantine Boredom: New Netflix Movies to Come Out Weekly in 2021

Kathleen Chang, Staff Writer | March 12, 2021

     It’s movie night with the family. After what seems like months of planning to get everyone together for this one night of entertainment, plans have finally fallen into place. With everyone in their respective spots on the couch and the popcorn popped, all that is left is to pick a movie.  ...

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