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Step in and See Skincare: Local Sephoras’ skincare section at the front of the store displaying Drunk Elephant products, January 22, 2024.

Snow-Proof Your Skin

Essential Skin Care Glow Up Guide For This Winter
Alexandra Montero and Madeline Babcock | February 6, 2024

          It’s that time of year again when the air has a constant chill and the sun starts setting early. This can sometimes cause unwanted effects on skin, here’s a guide on how to stay healthy and glow all season long.           As the seasons change, so should one’s skincare routine...

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Cheer Season: Allison Stefan posing for the camera with crate she decorated for cheer, August 20, 2023.

Q & A with Allison Stefan

Madison Ballard, Staff Writer | January 31, 2024

Q: How many AP classes are you taking and which ones? A: Right now I am taking AP US History, it’s similar to the US History I took a sophomore year, there are just a lot more quizzes and tests now.  I also take AP Lang, AP Lang is unlike any other class I have taken. In This class, there are a...

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Picture Perfect: Avery Izzo strikes a pose in her routine.

Behind the Curtain

Q & A With Avery Izzo
Dabi Lee and Alexandra Montero | January 30, 2024

Dance is a diverse art form that creates a connection between movement and music. With its various styles, dance acts as a universal influence around the globe, and every dancer is unique to themselves. Junior Avery Izzo is one of the many dancers that call Foran their home. Izzo reveals the secrets...

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Chop the Wood: Jaden Prosser cutting down a tree for Christmas with his family.

Q & A With Jaden Prosser

Jake Israelite and Eli Gomes | January 25, 2024

           Q: Who do you think will win the Superbowl and why?              A: “I think the 49ers will win it because they have the best offensive player in the league CMC. (Christian McCaffrey)”              Q: What team from the AFC will meet the 49ers in...

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Dishwasher Mishap!: Venice Montanaro after her first time using the dishwasher inside her dorm…she learned for next time!

Q&A: Venice Montanaro

Lorelai Christy and Isabella Palisi | January 24, 2024

Q: How has Uconn been? A: “UConn has been wonderful. I’m at UConn Stamford for this year and then I’m going to Storrs and it is a great environment. I have small class sizes, an apartment for a dorm, and it’s a great community because I’m closer with my professors and it’s really just...

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Say Cheese: The Science Olympiad team posing together for a group photo, January 4, 2024.

Q & A With Jahnavi Bulusu

Rumeysa Bayram and Ellie Pasacreta | January 23, 2024

Q: What has been your greatest achievement being a part of science olympiad? A:  The greatest achievement I’ve had is becoming president of the club and winning second place at the Yale Science Olympiad    Q: What experience have you gained being a part of Science Olympiad? A: Learning...

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Bringing the Heat: Boots Payne delivers a pitch in his All-SCC sophomore year.

Q&A With Brandon (Boots) Payne

Jimmy D'Angelo and Kasen Lanese | January 18, 2024

           Q: Going into your fourth year as a starter, what are you doing to prepare for the baseball season?              A: Working on both my hitting, and pitching skills. As well as attempting to organize off-season workouts for the rest of the team. We are all trying to be...

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Filling the Position: Cesare sits at his desk at a town council meeting.

Q and A with Mr. Austin Cesare

Connor Rizzo and Noah Champagne | January 18, 2024

           Alongside teaching, AP Government and Politics teacher and Social Studies Department Head Mr. Austin Cesare has been involved in local politics in his hometown of Hamden. Cesare shares information about his experiences as a part of the Hamden Board of Education and town council, and...

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Orchestra: Ryan Purviance performing on bass.

Turner Talks Tri-M

Gracie Brogan and Madeline Babcock | January 12, 2024

          Tri-M is a long-standing honor given to high school students around the country, a select group of students within Foran are admitted to this prestigious society through a rigorous test of musical ability. Orchestra and Band Instructor Ms. Turner breaks down the technicalities of this...

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Behind the desk: Mrs. Cacioppo poses for the camera in class. January 4, 2024.

From FBLA to Diverse Career Horizons

Ms. Cacioppo’s Insights as the New Adviser
Elizabeth Tran, Staff Writer | January 10, 2024

          The new department head of STEM Mrs. Melissa Cacioppo is in charge of the FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) club and senior internship program. Both of which are known to help students after college as they explore careers in business or experience in their intended field. Q:...

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From the Classroom to the Court: Emma Honcz playing with the Foran Girls Volleyball team in a game against Jonathon Law.

Q&A With Emma Honcz

Life as a Student-Athlete: Balance is Key
Elle Philpott, Social Media/Business Manager | January 10, 2024

Q: What does your average day look like?  A:  To start I pack my bag for [volleyball or lacrosse] practice and make sure it is all set with my practice clothes and my equipment. Then the next morning I'll wake up and I'll make sure that's in my car and ready to go, I'll make sure I have a snack ...

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Midterms 101

Guide to Acing Midterms
Dabi Lee and Gracie Brogan | January 10, 2024

          As the second semester comes to a close, students begin preparing for their dreaded midterm exams. For some students, the process has become familiar, while others have not yet had the experience of taking their midterms. What are Midterms?           Midterms are an exam taken...

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