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Life, You Only Have One of Them

Life, You Only Have One of Them

Military Options For Graduating Students
Carlie Mae Simard, Staff Writer | March 15, 2024

As the high school curtains close, a new stage beckons graduates: choosing a career. Upon tossing their graduation caps, many students would choose to march towards a different kind of education, trading textbooks for tactical training. Joining the military post-graduation is about commitment to growth...

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Bundle of Flowers: This LEGO bouquet retails for $59.99, with a cheaper alternative pictured on the right, January 16, 2024,

Love Around the Corner

Finding the Perfect Valentine’s Gift
Jasmine Phung and Dabi Lee | February 7, 2024

          Love is in the air in the month of February as Valentine’s Day nears. The holiday provides an opportunity for one to express their affection in gifts and quality time. However, whether you have a partner this Valentine’s Day, or are looking to show your appreciation for a friend, the...

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Obesity on the rise: The percentage of obese children in America has been on the rise from 1988 to 2018.

Physical Fitness in Education: Is P.E. Worth the Sweat?

Pacey Larka and Joshua Azpiri-Sudusky | December 6, 2023

           A startling 22 percent of schools in America do not have physical education classes at all, according to the Washington Post.            From elementary school to high school, physical education is a big part of a student’s day, because it is a break from the long classroom...

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Thanksgiving Turkey: Juicy turkey with small potatoes on the side.

Delicious Thanksgiving Foods

Matt Sissick and Daniel Hulme | November 17, 2023

          Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy. These dishes are classic and loved during Thanksgiving season. Which Thanksgiving dish is Foran’s favorite?            Many people have different opinions on Thanksgiving and the types of food. Some love all food that is provided...

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New Year New Schedule: The Channing Independent School District in Channing, Texas, started using a new four-day schedule in 2022.

Balancing Learning and Leisure: The Rising Four Day School Week

Pacey Larka and Joshua Azpiri-Sudusky | October 27, 2023

          (Disclaimer: four-day weeks is not something that is happening in Milford Public Schools)           School. Homework. Sports. Clubs. Work. High school students have packed schedules, and finding free time is not easy. One fix to this problem is four-day school weeks, which are...

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Learning From the Best: Journalism 2 and 3 students meetings with Pam McLoughlin, who has been a journalist for over 40 years, November 28, 2022.

Behind The Scenes: Mane Street Mirror Edition

Chloe Nittoly and Hannah Salsbury | January 9, 2023

          While there are many organizations that have hard workers behind the scenes, Foran Journalism stands out among the rest. Between producing a monthly newspaper and regularly uploading articles to, the writers, editors, and advisors of the Mane Street Mirror work vigorously...

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Electronics: Target advertises electronics for the upcoming Christmas season, December 13, 2022.

Is Technology Taking Over Christmas Gifts?

Madison Ballard and Hailey Kuzma | December 22, 2022

          Over the years, the variety of gifts given during the holiday season has evolved. While the world is developing, the same goes for gifts. Instead of dolls, art supplies, and puzzles, items such as iPhones, iPads, and other forms of technology have infiltrated the Christmas gift scene.   ...

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Grouped Together: Women stand together wearing Muslim headwear in Bagram, Afghanistan. Date unknown from Creative Commons.

“It is time to hold the Taliban accountable for their actions.”

The Oppression of Women in Afghanistan
Connor Nieman and Cal Wrigley | December 20, 2022

       When the U.S. military withdrew from Afghanistan in August 2021, the Islamic extremist group the Taliban took over the government. Without the U.S. for protection, former President Ashraf Ghani fled to the neighboring country of Uzbekistan, and democracy in Afghanistan was toppled. This left...

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Bill of Rights Plaque: This plaque shows the first ten amendments of the Bill of Rights and exactly how they are written in the U.S. Constitution. October 1, 2015.

Our Bill of Rights: Celebrating the Day It Came to Be

Evan Kerzner and Austin Lermayer | December 15, 2022

           231 years ago, the Founding Fathers of the United States published a series of laws that soon became 10 of the most important laws of our country even to this day. That historic day, in which these rights were engraved into the future of civilization, is believed to have taken place...

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Photo 2 Extra Help: A student gets help from math teacher Ms. Ashley Springsteen in the numeracy center, November 11, 2022.

How to Effectively Study for Midterms

David Maslar, Staff Writer | December 13, 2022

          With the last full month before midterms upon us, many students may find it difficult to study. However, there are many techniques to use to effectively study.           One technique that works for many students is the PomoDoro Method. This method includes studying for a certain...

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Up and Atom: Sophomores in Chemistry and the Earth Systems watch as Mr. Connors explains a reaction, November 9, 2022.

A Time Before Teaching

Olivia Salai and Connor Rizzo | December 5, 2022

          Teachers are some of the most recognizable faces at Foran. With about 100 faculty members in total, students are sure to find a teacher to connect with. However, for many teachers at Foran, teaching is not their first or even intended career. Their stories and backgrounds are often overlooked...

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Foran Girls Volleyball: Senior Volleyball player Katylin Beaupre spiking the ball over the net. October 8, 2022.

Being Proactive with School, Sports, and Work

Mackenzie Posey and Eli Gomes | November 7, 2022

          With only 24 hours in the day, it is difficult for student athletes to balance school and sports. How can they manage a part time job as well? In order to successfully maintain commitments, some students may have to balance a full schedule.            Although it may seem easy...

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