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Planning on self-love: A self-care post it planner can be seen hanging in the store.

Self-Love Spotlight

How Do you Show Yourself Self-Care on Valentine's Day?
Lauren Ardolino and Victoria Koenig | February 3, 2022

     Valentine's Day is one of the most popular holidays that isn’t recognized as public. It is publicized as a holiday to celebrate one's significant other, however, it can also be a day to celebrate yourself.       Many couples have their calendars marked for this special day on February...

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Reflectly: Mood tracker app: Reflectly asks about how people are feeling on a daily basis.

How Healthy Coping Changes Lives

Elizabeth Tran, Staff Writer | February 2, 2022

     After psychiatric hospitalization for mentally ill patients, readjusting to home life is a big change. Following up with healthy coping mechanisms is important. Without the care of social workers, people learn to take care of themselves while adjusting to life outside the hospital.     ...

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Capitol Chaos: The US Capitol in downtown Washington DC. Photo Courtesy: Elliot Lyons, November 21, 2019.

Built Back Better?

Reflecting on the First Year of the Biden Presidency
Ronan Smith, Staff Writer | January 20, 2022

     After the turbulent final year of Donald Trump’s presidency, many Americans expected stability and recovery to come from a new White House. The year, however, has been marked by nearly the exact opposite effects in many ways.      With the collapse of the Afghan National Army (ANA) and...

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An Incentive for Reflection: Flyer for the Martin Luther King Jr. essay contest held by senator Chris Murphy. Photo courtesy:

Shining a Light on Martin Luther King Jr. Day’s Impact in Schools

Maria Garbin, Content Editor | January 14, 2022

     The King Holiday Bill was signed on November 2, 1983, designating the third Monday in January a federal holiday in celebration of Martin Luther King Jr., the notorious civil rights leader who challenged racial matters and moved change in the way Americans acted and thought.      All 50...

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Paul Brown Stadium: This is where the Raiders play the Bengals this wild card weekend. This game is at 4:30 eastern time on Saturday on NBC.

NFL Playoff Picture – Who’s In, Who’s Out?

Evan Kerzner and Austin Lermayer | January 14, 2022

     The longest NFL regular season in history has recently come to a close. Throughout this extended season, there have been many shocking moments and crazy plays, which have now led to the close and down-to-the-wire playoffs. Since last year, the NFL has added an extra wild card spot. There are...

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Extra Credit: Senior Melissa Connelly reviewing her notes.

High Grades Without High Stress

Preparation for Midterm Exams Begin
Sean Ayoub and Bella Mema | January 7, 2022

     As midterm exams approach in mid-January, students may begin to feel the pressure. A week of testing can be daunting when experiencing it for the first time. To ease the stress, Foran seniors and teachers detail methods to lessen any anxiety and improve study habits.       Often, academic...

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Time Flies: The most important events of each month in chronological order.

2021 in Review

A Summary of the Past Year Through Major Events
Ginger Schmidt, Staff Writer | January 4, 2022

     January: On Jan. 6, disaster struck our nation's capital. What began as a seemingly harmless political rally became a riot and major breach of national security resulting in five deaths and many hospitalizations. In the hopes of overturning the 2020 presidential election results, a mob disrupted...

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Performing a Push-Up: Gunnar Pikul demonstrates correct push-up form. Photo Courtesy: Gunnar Pikul, December 5, 2021.

Calisthenics: A Form of Exercise Often Overlooked

Connor Nieman, Content Editor | December 20, 2021

     While people typically associate working out with going to the gym, calisthenics are workouts that can be done easily at home because they don’t require any equipment. Calisthenic workouts are perfect for people who have a busy schedule.      As someone who’s been working out using...

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Sleeper Pals: One of the projects the club is working on by having members paint bags and notebooks. Photo courtesy: Anna Harris, October 1, 2021.

Sleepy Sloth Club Creating Better Sleep Habits

Julianne Yasona and Ivy Glidden | December 15, 2021

     High school students notoriously don’t get enough sleep with the stress of school, sports, and other activities. Many could benefit from joining the new Sleepy Sloths Club that helps prevent sleep deprivation.      Junior Anna Harris started the Sleepy Sloths Club this year in hopes to...

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The Polish in America: The Polish flag flies in the Valley region of CT.

NATO, CIS Face Off at Border

Fight Over Migrants Spreads Through Eastern Europe
Ronan Smith, Staff Writer | December 9, 2021

     For the first time in over 75 years, Poland, along with neighbors Ukraine, Lithuania, and Latvia, is the largest flashpoint for major world conflict. While looking at the migrant crisis through a direct approach will make the previous statement seem incorrect, it becomes clear in context.  ...

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 Family Time: Mr. Spinetti spends time with his family during his leave. Photo courtesy: Mr. Spinetti, Nov 9, 2021.

Advantages of Paternity Leave

Cian Carroll and James D'Angelo | November 23, 2021

     Paternity leaves have recently become a hot topic of discussion. Debates have risen around the U.S, some believe that men shouldn’t be paid during paternity leaves, or even not have them at all.       According to a Pew Research center article,...

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Practice Makes Perfect: Gymnast Katie Wetmore practices on beam at Gymnastics and Cheerleading Academy in Fairfield.

Gymnastics: A Sport of Scandals

Ginger Schmidt, Staff Writer | November 22, 2021

     The gymnastics community has been shaken up over the past few years, after many scandals, including the conviction of national gymnastics team doctor, Larry Nassar and hundreds of accounts of abuse in gymnastics, both verbal and physical. USA Gymnastics has claimed it is working to change its...

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