Eyes: The Window to the Soul

What you can tell about a person from their eyes

     Eyes come in all different shapes and colors, and for many people it is their favorite feature of themselves. Oftentimes, it is the first thing people notice about a person, because eyes can stand out no matter the color.

     While eyes are pretty to look at in general, they can also convey emotions easily. Whether it’s a happy gleam or a sorrowful glisten, eyes express feelings.

     As stated by Harry Styles, “I’ve always found you can tell the most about a person from their eyes anyway.”

     This was said in regard to mask mandates at his tour, and making sure people wore them. With that being said, eyes became the only feature on faces people saw during Covid-19. No one could see a smile, but they could see a grin simply from the eyes. No one could see a frown, but they could see a tear-filled eye.

     People express emotions with their eyes often subconsciously. Whether it’s an eye roll, a stare, an angry glare, eye contact (or lack thereof), eyes widening in shock, or eyes slowly falling shut as one fights to stay awake during the day; they are showing what they feel without actually speaking.

     It is not uncommon for people to not say what they’re thinking and or feeling directly, but it can typically be seen through their eyes. Eyes are the body’s outlet to communicate without having to say a word.