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Ginger Schmidt

Ginger Schmidt, Staff Writer

     Hi, my name is Ginger Schmidt and I am a junior at Foran. I do gymnastics at Foran and outside of school, I coach gymnastics. I enjoy going to the beach and hanging out with my friends. 

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Time Flies: The most important events of each month in chronological order.

2021 in Review

A Summary of the Past Year Through Major Events
January 4, 2022

     January: On Jan. 6, disaster struck our nation's capital. What began as a seemingly harmless political rally became a riot and major breach of national security resulting in five deaths and many hospitalizations. In the hopes of overturning the 2020 presidential election results, a mob disrupted...

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Practice Makes Perfect: Gymnast Katie Wetmore practices on beam at Gymnastics and Cheerleading Academy in Fairfield.

Gymnastics: A Sport of Scandals

November 22, 2021

     The gymnastics community has been shaken up over the past few years, after many scandals, including the conviction of national gymnastics team doctor, Larry Nassar and hundreds of accounts of abuse in gymnastics, both verbal and physical. USA Gymnastics has claimed it is working to change its...

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By the numbers: Poll of over 200 Foran students shows that 78% of students feel behind on work after a day off school.

Mental Health First

New Legislation Prioritizes Student’s Mental Health, Allowing Them to Take Mental Health Days
October 27, 2021

     The Connecticut state House of Representatives passed a bill in early June with the goal of helping students’ mental health. This bill provides more mental health training for teachers and allows students to take up to two mental health days per year, starting January 2022.       Students'...

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