How Milford is Handling the Ukraine Crisis

     Although Ukraine is thousands of miles away, its current crisis is still heavily prominent in our community. Fundraisers and ceremonies have been held, and yellow and blue clothing has been worn to show support for Ukraine. Foran was able to raise $658 on March 11th and all donations were given to the Red Cross. 

     Scattered across Milford, we see the Ukrainian flag everywhere. Whether houses are putting up blue and yellow lights or hanging flags outside of their houses, it seems as though everywhere you look there is someone supporting the tragic situation in Ukraine.

     On March 6th, around 100 people gathered at town hall for a vigil in support of Ukraine. Milford residents dressed in blue and yellow to show their support for Ukraine as well. People such as Ben Blake and Senator James Maroney were in attendance as well.

     Events such as the tragic war waging in Ukraine show how the Milford community can come together in order to make change. Our small city can have a big impact on worldwide issues, as shown by the Ukraine situation.