Get Pink! Foran Supports Get in Touch Foundation


Kylee Payne

Pink Out: Student section cheers on the football team while raising awareness for The Get in Touch Foundation, October 7, 2022.

          For almost four decades, the U.S has honored October as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This month highlights annual national campaigns in order to increase acknowledgement of the disease and to honor those battling against the disease and those who have lost their lives.

          Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in women around the world. 

          “In 2022, it is estimated that nearly 44,000 people in the U.S will die from breast cancer,” says Susan G. Komen from Susan G. Komen foundation, an organization supporting breast cancer.

          Family history is an important factor to take into consideration when keeping an eye out for symptoms. Getting screened can help detect breast cancer earlier and sooner treatment against the disease. 

          Breast cancer awareness is a very important topic and the more people gain knowledge, the easier it will be to detect the symptoms early.

          Health teacher Mr. John Cain states, “[it]…draws attention to the brave people who are battling the disease while recognizing and remembering those who may have succumbed to the illness.”

          Cain continues, “We should show our support by wearing pink and being knowledgeable about the disease. It is important to be aware of our family history so we can make responsible decisions about our health and be proactive about steps we can take to decrease our risk of contracting the disease.”

          On October 7, Foran held a breast cancer awareness football game and welcomed Kelsey Robinette, a member from the Get in Touch Foundation. All students wore pink to show their support and recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. With the help of the Foran community, over $1,000 was raised both at school and during the game.

          Many people do not know much about breast cancer awareness and Robinette hopes for more people to gain knowledge on the topic. 

          “The core mission of The Get In Touch Foundation is to inspire people of all generations to make informed decisions about their breast health by making our educational information free and accessible to all. Everyone has breast tissue (yes, males too!) so for everyone to be self-aware of what their normal tissue feels like, comes empowerment to act upon changes that we may recognize over time,” explains Robinette.

          The Get in Touch foundation is a non-profit organization that provides free information on breast health routines. They continue to touch lives, lead sufficient change,  

          Robinette also states, ¨If you ever notice a change, you can speak from a place of confidence! Not every lump ends up being cancerous, but it’s important to be proactive when changes occur by talking to your healthcare provider.¨ 

          Reach out to with any questions or to learn more about the importance of breast cancer awareness.