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Kylee Payne

Kylee Payne, Staff Writer

     Hi! My name is Kylee Payne and I am a junior at Joseph A. Foran High School. I play lacrosse for Foran as well as two lacrosse teams outside of school. I work as a hostess at Archie Moores and as a horseback riding instructor at a barn in Bethany. 

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From Our Family to Yours Light Show: More info on this display can be found at Photo courtesy: Jerry Payne November 10, 2021.

‘Twas the Lights Before Christmas

December 1, 2021

     As Christmas nears, holiday music plays on every radio station, Christmas lists are sent out in the mail, and trees and lights appear in almost every house. The Christmas countdown begins. Every...

Vanna the Miniature Horse: a free rent resident at Locket’s Meadow Farm.

Covid Causes Chaos in the Rescue World

October 29, 2021

     Local animal shelters were struck hard by the spread of Covid-19. The foundations that rely so heavily on volunteers are now struggling to stay afloat given pandemic restrictions.       Before...

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