“We are Fearless, We are Important”

Behind the Scenes of the Foran Halftime Show


Kylee Payne

The Halftime Performance: The Foran band performs at the September 9 home football game, September 9, 2022.

          With the blare of the trumpets and the roar of the crowd, one can only find themselves at a Foran football game. Football season is in full swing once again, and with home games comes halftime shows courtesy of the Foran band.

          Playing popular songs such as Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra, The Avengers Theme by Alan Silvestri, Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, and Back in Black by AC/DC, the halftime show provides entertainment for students and parents alike, and can always be sure to stoke excitement in the crowd. 

          The theme for the halftime show this season is superheroes, chosen by both the students and band director Ms. Jessica Turner. This theme certainly reflects how band members feel while performing.

          Freshman band member Thao Pham states, “We have this idea of fearlessness and importance. When we march out on that field, we are fearless, we are important.”

          In preparation for the halftime performance, students in the band prepare and rehearse to work on all aspects of the show. Hours before a home football game, band students meet at the school to rehearse and eat dinner together before marching down to the field.

          Pham adds, “It’s all one big family. I have met so many new people and have made so many new friends. Everyone is so supportive.”

          In the summer, students learn the halftime show routine during band camp.  Camp occurred from August 15 to August 24 this past year, the two weeks before school began. The rehearsal process and learning the routine requires a great deal of patience, dedication, and devotion, according to senior band president Noah Held.

          “The band practices every class period as well as during band camp learning music, the marching for the show, or other visual accessories that we add into the show. It is a lot of hard work, but it is extremely rewarding,” Held comments.

          The award-winning Foran band has 73 members, and each person is equally important in crafting a flawless halftime show. Before each song, game announcer Mr. Paul Grillo recites an introduction of the number. Turner works hard to ensure that all band students have an equal part in the creation of the halftime show. 

          “I think that we are one of the most collaborative programs in this school. It’s a unique experience where when we go onto that field, every student is a part of that,” Turner shares.

          It is evident that audience members enjoy the halftime shows, as each ending of a song is met with roaring applause and cheering from the bleachers. 

          “The Foran marching band brings amazing school spirit to the football games. I love hearing current, popular songs in a new way during the halftime show,” Booster Club president Mrs. Michelle Viesselman remarks.