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Connor Rizzo

Connor Rizzo, Content Editor

I’m Connor and I’m a junior at Foran High School. I’m a content and junior layout editor for the Mane Street Mirror, and this is my second year in journalism. At Foran, I am junior class president, involved in Natural Helpers, the drama club, and a member of the choir. Outside of school, I participate in theater, take voice and piano lessons, and hang out with my friends.

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Friendships from Foran: Senior Cameron Lefebvre and junior Devon Hines pose for a photo. Photo courtesy: Devon Hines.

Gratitude in Graduation

Class of 2024 Reflects on What They’re Thankful For
Dabi Lee and Connor Rizzo | May 28, 2024

With graduation quickly approaching, many seniors now take the time to reflect back on their high school experience and what joys their school supplied them with. Between new friendships, student-teacher bonds, and countless academic, athletic, and extracurricular opportunities, Foran has provided its...

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King and Queen: LeCuyer-Schoonmaker and Babcock pose in crowns and their fencing uniforms at a tournament. Photo courtesy: Declan LeCuyer-Schoonmaker

Foils and Sabers and Epees, Oh My!

Milford Fencing Club Fosters Community
Olivia Salai and Connor Rizzo | May 28, 2024

As Milford Fencing coach Jay Babcock pulls into the Milford Academy parking lot and begins to unload equipment from his car, the Milford Fencing team, composed of members of all ages, rushes to help. Like a well-oiled machine, each member grabs a piece of equipment and carries it to the gym, working...

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The finished product of Ixtuman’s cooking, two delicious beef birria tacos- the restaurant’s most popular item, April 15, 2024.

Good Food by Good People

Into the Kitchen of Don Rene’s Taqueria
Connor Rizzo, Content Editor | May 3, 2024

It’s not often a restaurant can make you feel like family. At Don Rene’s Taqueria, located at 50 Broad Street in the heart of downtown Milford, familial treatment comes with the delicious meal. Even though the restaurant is modest in size, the outstanding, always-friendly atmosphere and welcoming...

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Connor Rizzo performs on the keyboard.

[Photo] Youth Band Dazzles California

Gracie Brogan and Dabi Lee | March 7, 2024

Connor Rizzo performs on the keyboard.

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Officially an Officer: Brett Huber receives a plaque from Sergeant Matthew Mello, December 21, 2023.

“Remember Your ‘Why’”

Foran Alumni Graduate from Police Academy
Olivia Salai and Connor Rizzo | February 1, 2024

          To Foran graduate Mr. Rich Carino, becoming a police officer is about more than the glory and prestige that comes with the title.           “I will become the third generation of police officers in my family, my grandfather and uncle were both cops. Being able to work in the...

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Filling the Position: Cesare sits at his desk at a town council meeting.

Q and A with Mr. Austin Cesare

Connor Rizzo and Noah Champagne | January 18, 2024

           Alongside teaching, AP Government and Politics teacher and Social Studies Department Head Mr. Austin Cesare has been involved in local politics in his hometown of Hamden. Cesare shares information about his experiences as a part of the Hamden Board of Education and town council, and...

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Helping Out: Foran alumni Bianca Torres poses with a student during her internship at Orange Avenue Elementary School, June 2022.

Renovations on Memory Lane

Upcoming Changes to Milford’s Mastery-Based Diploma Assessment
Olivia Salai and Connor Rizzo | January 5, 2024

          Principal Mr. Max Berkowitz has a goal for every student enrolled at Foran High School: to help each student prepare for the world ahead of them.           “What I want for students is for them to be deep thinkers and be as prepared as possible for the future,” Berkowitz affirms.  ...

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A National Honor: President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama pose with O’Connor after awarding her the Presidential Medal of Freedom, August 12, 2009.

Liberty and Justice for All

A Reflection on the Life of Sandra Day O’Connor
Olivia Salai and Connor Rizzo | December 14, 2023

Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor lived a greatly influential life. An advocate for equal protection for all Americans, O’Connor made crucial decisions on cases such as Grutter v. Bollinger (2003) and Hamdi v. Rumsfeld (2004) to extend rights to many different groups. O’Connor also...

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Fresh Faces: Freshmen pose and smile at Freshman Orientation, August 23, 2023.

Beginning a New Chapter

Dabi Lee and Connor Rizzo | October 4, 2023

          On August 30, freshmen all across the district packed their backpacks, said goodbye to their families, and left their houses to begin the first day of their high school careers. With the wide variety of courses and friendly faces here at Foran, it’s certain that no two students had the...

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Under the Spotlight: Fiorillo rehearsing for Foran’s production of Legally Blonde, March 1, 2023.

Building Resilience Through the Arts

Jack Fiorillo’s Journey with HLHS
Olivia Salai and Connor Rizzo | April 4, 2023

          Most people focus on cardiovascular health during American Heart Month in February through fundraisers, awareness initiatives such as Hoops for Heart, or other heart-themed events. However, for junior Jack Fiorillo, this concern spans much longer than a single month of the year.  ...

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A Sustaining Snack: Sophomore students talk and enjoy their school-bought lunches. January 25, 2023.

Cafeteria Commotion

Milford Schools Return to ‘Meals for Purchase’
Olivia Salai and Connor Rizzo | February 6, 2023

          The opportunity for free breakfasts and lunches in the Milford Public Schools district expired on January 9, 2023, when students and staff were “expected to [begin to] pay for those meals,” according to the MPS Upcoming News & Events for January 6, 2023 and Beyond.       ...

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Festivities for All (over 18): A packed day at the Connecticut Post Mall’s food court, December 18, 2022.

The Post Cracks Down

Milford Mall Implements Seasonal Restrictions on Youth
Olivia Salai and Connor Rizzo | December 21, 2022

          The Connecticut Post Mall has been a popular hangout spot for kids and adults alike for decades. Boasting a movie theater, a food court, play place, and countless stores, it’s nearly impossible to be bored. Recently, new regulations have been put in place, preventing many teenagers from...

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Up and Atom: Sophomores in Chemistry and the Earth Systems watch as Mr. Connors explains a reaction, November 9, 2022.

A Time Before Teaching

Olivia Salai and Connor Rizzo | December 5, 2022

          Teachers are some of the most recognizable faces at Foran. With about 100 faculty members in total, students are sure to find a teacher to connect with. However, for many teachers at Foran, teaching is not their first or even intended career. Their stories and backgrounds are often overlooked...

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Backstage Pass: Behind the scenes look at last years preparation for the Mamma Mia production, March 29, 2022.

[Photo] “Omigod You Guys!” It’s Audition Season

Gianna Weaver and Ellie Pasacreta | December 2, 2022

Backstage Pass: Behind the scenes look at last year's preparation for the Mamma Mia production, March 29, 2022.

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The Halftime Performance: The Foran band performs at the September 9 home football game, September 9, 2022.

“We are Fearless, We are Important”

Behind the Scenes of the Foran Halftime Show
Gavin Conte and Connor Rizzo | November 7, 2022

          With the blare of the trumpets and the roar of the crowd, one can only find themselves at a Foran football game. Football season is in full swing once again, and with home games comes halftime shows courtesy of the Foran band.           Playing popular songs such as Mr. Blue Sky...

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