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Jocelyn Gonzalez, Staff Writer

     Hi, my name is Jocelyn Gonzalez and I’m a sophomore. This is my second year taking journalism and I am a staff writer for the Mane Street Mirror. In my spare time I like to read and hang out with my friends and family. 

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A Kind Gesture: Getting inspired by others’ kind acts at a Dunkin Donuts drive thru.

Unexpected Friendliness

November 24, 2021

     Imagine being at the Dunkin Donuts drive thru after a long day of work and having the car in front of you pay for your order. That is what happened to English teacher Mrs. Lauren O'Keefe. Being...

The Mysterious Voice: Ricardo Gonzalez stands in blue hall posing for a picture.

“Who’s Behind the Voices?”

October 29, 2021

     Ever hear the morning announcements and wonder, “Who makes the announcements?” The familiar voices have puzzled both students and staff alike and has become one of the hot topics circling the...

Milford Memorializes: A photo of Foran’s new-and-improved softball field. Photo courtesy of Olivia Salai.

Honoring Danni Kemp

May 10, 2021

     On the morning of April 10, 2021, members of the Milford community attended a dedication ceremony at the newly christened Danielle Kemp Memorial Softball Field. The refurbished field honors Danni...

A traditional Irish dish of corned beef and cabbage. Photo courtesy: Kaleigh Porcu, March, 17, 2021

What is St. Patrick’s Day and why do we celebrate it?

March 29, 2021

     St. Patrick's Day is celebrated every year on March 17th. This day commemorates Saint Patrick, after being kidnapped at the age of sixteen and taken to Ireland as a slave, the arrival of Christianity...

Where The Freshman Fears Begin: The exterior of Foran High School. Photo Courtesy: Rumeysa Bayram, March 1, 2021

How Freshmen Students are Adapting to High School

March 11, 2021

     Many eighth graders tend to feel stressed, worried, or fearful when first entering their four years of high school.      Others are excited to experience the four major years of their lives....

Galentines Fun: A Valentine’s day decoration set up early for Galentine’s day. Photo Courtesy: Kaleigh Porcu, January 26, 2021

What is Galentine’s Day?

February 10, 2021

     For some, the prospect of celebrating Valentine’s Day on February fourteenth fills people with joy as they prepare to shower their significant other with declarations of love.      For...

Digital drawing of Harry Styles on the cover of Vogue Magazine’s December issue. Drawn by Mjos Studio Design, November 2020.

Social Media Firestorm Regarding Male Feminization

December 9, 2020

     On Saturday, Nov. 14, people throughout social media popularized Candace Owens’ claims against male feminization. Owens is a right-wing author, commentator and political activist.      Harry...

De Stress by Reading: Love, by Jerry Spinelli. Photo courtesy: Kaleigh Porcu, November 11, 2020.

Living A Low Stress Life

November 15, 2020

     Stress can have a big impact on the way people act. There are many people that need to know ways to cope with stress. Living a healthy lifestyle is important.      Stress is an ongoing problem...

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