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Jocelyn Gonzalez, Co-editor in Chief

Hello! My name is Jocelyn Gonzalez and I am the Co-Editor in Chief of the Mane Street Mirror and a senior at Foran. I am currently part of the Foran book club, powderpuff, the National Honor Society, and  student council! I love to read, listen to music, and hang out with my friends, as well as binge watch tv shows! 

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Close Up: A colorful fantail fish swims to the glass to say “hello.” At the All Pets Club, you can find a variety of fantail fish, and others, April 21, 2024, Photo Courtesy: Madison Ballard

Beneath the Surface: Fish in Focus

Madison Ballard and Jocelyn Gonzalez | May 30, 2024

A deeper look into the aquatic fish at the All Pets Club in Branford, CT. All types of fish are accessible at the wonderful store, ranging from Percula clownfish to goldfish. The All Pets Club has freshwater fish, live corals, saltwater fish, food and care, live plants, decor, etc. Online shopping for...

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AI in Education

AI in Education

Transforming Learning Landscapes
Jocelyn Gonzalez and Elizabeth Tran | March 22, 2024

Click the link below to listen to Jocelyn and Elizabeth's podcast about AI in education! AI in Education

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Say Cheese: Collins twins getting photos before Taylor goes to the Homecoming dance. October 14, 2023.

The More the Merrier

A look into the unique twins and triplets at Foran
Jocelyn Gonzalez and Hayley Pokornowski | November 13, 2023

          Being a triplet or a twin is something people would say is very unique. In the United States  (US) there's a 3.31% chance of being a twin and a .14% chance of  being a triplet.            Some people find it shocking that seniors Taylor and Summer Collins are twins. Most people...

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Straight to the Classroom: Madame Duncan teaching to in her classroom, September 11, 2023.

Welcome to the Pack:

Meet the New Staff Members in the Foran Community
Jocelyn Gonzalez and Hayley Pokornowski | October 9, 2023

          As the 2023-2024 academic year began on August 30, a number of new faces were on board as part of the Foran teaching staff. Assistant Principal Dena Kelly provided some advice for the new teachers as part of her warm welcome.           She states, “My advice to them would be...

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Mrs. Dawn Davis: Staff Yearbook Photo of Mrs. Davis.

Remembering Ms. Davis

Jocelyn Gonzalez and Dabi Lee | June 13, 2023

          Ms. Dawn Davis was a science teacher dear to the Foran community who touched many young minds, friends, and family alike. On April 5, 2023, Ms. Davis passed away after a long battle with an illness.            Davis began teaching at Foran in 1995 and has since left a lasting...

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G.I Morgia: Captain James V. Morgia posed for a picture after his speech. May 22, 2023.

A Look Through the Past

Veteran Captain James V. Morgia’s Story
Jocelyn Gonzalez and Jack Beaupre | May 26, 2023

          Captain James V. Morgia, an 100 year old veteran of the United States Army, who served in both World War II and the Battle of the Bulge, recently spoke to the freshman class about the recollection of his life.            This experience was organized by history teacher Mrs. Cindy...

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A True Foran Lion: English teacher Shauna Newall poses for a photo at her desk, December 8, 2022.

What’s New with Newall?

A Day in the Life of a English Teacher
Jocelyn Gonzalez, Staff Writer | May 25, 2023

          The Foran English department has a vast number of teachers, one in particular being Mrs. Shauna Newall. Between teaching classes and being a senior class advisor, and after having a baby in August 2021, there has been a lot of change in her personal life.           Newall’s love...

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Helping Out: Mayor Ben Blake lending a helping hand to the community after a storm passed through the city, August 4, 2020.

“I get to see all of those compilations of the great things that happen in the city”

A Behind the Scenes Look at the Job of Mayor Ben Blake
Rumeysa Bayram and Jocelyn Gonzalez | March 10, 2023

          Within the small town of Milford is a mayor with a big heart and love for the city. This is           Benjamin (Ben) G. Blake, who has served as mayor of Milford for the past 12 years.            Mayor Ben Blake grew up in Milford with his parents and grandparents. He...

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Hot Thrift Spots: Local thrift store Plato’s Closet in Orange, January 30, 2023.

Thoughtful Thrifting

An Insider Scoop on Shopping
Jocelyn Gonzalez and Isabella Tomac | February 22, 2023

          Thrifting has become a very popular practice recently because of social media, it has been around since the 1890s. With the increase in sustainable living, thrifting has become an easy and affordable way for people to buy and sell clothes, books, etc.           National Second...

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Key Club: Foran’s Key Club advisor and members showcasing their club, October 4, 2022.

Getting Involved: Club Fair Brings New Opportunities to Students

Rumeysa Bayram and Jocelyn Gonzalez | October 18, 2022

          After two years of reduced opportunities for students to get involved in their community, the club fair was reintroduced to Foran. The fair took place on October 4 and 6, during common time periods. Key Club International, Interact Club, Drama Club, Sleepy Sloths, and many more attended...

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Diving for Fall Season: Foran girl’s swim and dive performs at the fourth meet, September 20, 2022.

Cannonball: Girls Swim Jumps into New Season

Gracie Brogan and Jocelyn Gonzalez | October 10, 2022

            While the sports fall season tends to focus on football, the 2022 girls' swim and dive season is starting to make their splash. The team started their season with a win against West Haven, one of the fourteen meets the team will attend, West Haven, Cheshire, Daniel Hand, North Haven,...

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Grab a book and join in: The Foran Book Club reading “Perks of Being a Wallflower” at their meeting, April 11, 2022.

Roarin’ Readers

An Inside Look at the Foran Book Club
Kaleigh Porcu and Jocelyn Gonzalez | May 12, 2022

          Reading is a strong fundamental skill, but also a hobby for many of the students at Joseph A. Foran High School.           Junior Venice Montanaro, an officer and one of the founders of the book club, created this club three weeks ago with junior classmates : Anna Harris, Skyler...

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Testing Tribulations: A BinaxNOW at home Covid-19 test purchased from a limited supply.

Recent Covid-19 Surge Causes Limited Testing Appointments and Supplies

Jocelyn Gonzalez and Cal Wrigley | January 28, 2022

     As the Omicron variant of the Covid-19 virus has surged over the course of holiday break, many people were left waiting and hoping for an opening to take a Covid-19 test. Only a limited number of appointments can be made per day as well as a limited number of rapid Covid-19 tests being sold in...

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Diving into the Season: The Foran pool gets ready for the new swim season. Photo Courtesy: Jose Abréu, December 1, 2021.

Swimming into Action: Boys Swim

Kaleigh Porcu and Jocelyn Gonzalez | December 20, 2021

     As Foran takes a dive into the winter season, boys swimming is back in action. Many swimmers, specifically Foran’s boys (seeing as to how it is a co-op team), have been training hard for the season kick off.      Sophomore Jacob Collette is a swimmer with two years under his belt.  ...

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A Kind Gesture: Getting inspired by others’ kind acts at a Dunkin Donuts drive thru.

Unexpected Friendliness

How a Random Act of Kindness Can Make Somebody's Day
Maria Garbin and Jocelyn Gonzalez | November 24, 2021

     Imagine being at the Dunkin Donuts drive thru after a long day of work and having the car in front of you pay for your order. That is what happened to English teacher Mrs. Lauren O'Keefe. Being it an unexpected gift or help, random acts of kindness always seem to cheer people’s days.  ...

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The morning announcer: Ricardo Gonzalez poses for a picture in blue hall.

“Who’s Behind the Voices?”

Kaleigh Porcu and Jocelyn Gonzalez | October 29, 2021

     Ever hear the morning announcements and wonder, “Who makes the announcements?” The familiar voices have puzzled both students and staff alike and has become one of the hot topics circling the student body.       The morning announcements inform students on upcoming events such as club...

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Milford Memorializes: A photo of Foran’s new-and-improved softball field. Photo courtesy of Olivia Salai.

Honoring Danni Kemp

Excellent Student, Star Athlete, Exceptional Person
Olivia Salai and Jocelyn Gonzalez | May 10, 2021

     On the morning of April 10, 2021, members of the Milford community attended a dedication ceremony at the newly christened Danielle Kemp Memorial Softball Field. The refurbished field honors Danni Kemp, a former student at Foran and a talented athlete. School officials also revealed to attendees...

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A traditional Irish dish of corned beef and cabbage. Photo courtesy: Kaleigh Porcu, March, 17, 2021

What is St. Patrick’s Day and why do we celebrate it?

Kaleigh Porcu and Jocelyn Gonzalez | March 29, 2021

     St. Patrick's Day is celebrated every year on March 17th. This day commemorates Saint Patrick, after being kidnapped at the age of sixteen and taken to Ireland as a slave, the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, and to celebrate the heritage and culture of the Irish. Some of these celebrations...

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Where The Freshman Fears Begin: The exterior of Foran High School. Photo Courtesy: Rumeysa Bayram, March 1, 2021

How Freshmen Students are Adapting to High School

Rumeysa Bayram and Jocelyn Gonzalez | March 11, 2021

     Many eighth graders tend to feel stressed, worried, or fearful when first entering their four years of high school.      Others are excited to experience the four major years of their lives. Freshmen tend to feel one, or even both at the same time. Arriving at high school is a big deal...

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Galentines Fun: A Valentine’s day decoration set up early for Galentine’s day. Photo Courtesy: Kaleigh Porcu, January 26, 2021

What is Galentine’s Day?

Kaleigh Porcu and Jocelyn Gonzalez | February 10, 2021

     For some, the prospect of celebrating Valentine’s Day on February fourteenth fills people with joy as they prepare to shower their significant other with declarations of love.      For others, different events take place: Galentine’s Day, which occurs annually on February 13. Galentine’s...

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Digital drawing of Harry Styles on the cover of Vogue Magazine’s December issue. Drawn by Mjos Studio Design, November 2020.

Social Media Firestorm Regarding Male Feminization

Jocelyn Gonzalez and Julia Poffenberger | December 9, 2020

     On Saturday, Nov. 14, people throughout social media popularized Candace Owens’ claims against male feminization. Owens is a right-wing author, commentator and political activist.      Harry Styles, previous member of boyband One Direction, is a popular English singer and songwriter....

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De Stress by Reading: Love, by Jerry Spinelli. Photo courtesy: Kaleigh Porcu, November 11, 2020.

Living A Low Stress Life

Kaleigh Porcu and Jocelyn Gonzalez | November 15, 2020

     Stress can have a big impact on the way people act. There are many people that need to know ways to cope with stress. Living a healthy lifestyle is important.      Stress is an ongoing problem that happens in everyone’s lives. It is a simple term used by many people; most of the time...

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