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Julia Poffenberger, Staff Writer

     Hi! My name is Julia Poffenberger and I’m a sophomore at Foran. I spend most of my free time reading and writing. I enjoy English literature, Latin, and listening to music, and I’m a manager of the Foran Wrestling team. In journalism, I mainly like to write about articles based on entertainment and news.

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On the Same Page

On the Same Page

A Look at the Milford Public Library
Julia Poffenberger, Staff Writer | March 24, 2022

     The Milford Public Library, located in downtown Milford on New Haven Ave, is often looked over as both a resource to utilize and a study location.      Not only does the library allow people to borrow books, music, movies, audiobooks, or passes to museums and attractions--it also has different...

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Snowy Season: The winter season is quickly approaching, meaning seasonal depression is becoming more and more common.

Shining a Light on Seasonal Depression

Julia Poffenberger, Staff Writer | December 22, 2021

     Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), more commonly known as seasonal depression, is a mood disorder similar to depression. They differ because SAD occurs at the same time each year, and exists in places where there is less sunlight during certain times in the year.      SAD affects an estimated...

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Get Ready to Rumble: The Foran wrestling team takes to the mats during their practice.

[Photo] Preparing for Winter Sports

December 10, 2021

Get Ready to Rumble: The Foran wrestling team takes to the mats during their practice.

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Senior Night: Foran’s football seniors and parents on senior night. Photo courtesy of the Foran Football Staff, November 19 2021.

Foran vs Law: Annual Thanksgiving Football Game

Julia Poffenberger and Cameron Lefebvre | November 24, 2021

     On November 25, the annual Thanksgiving Day football game between Foran High School and Jonathan Law High School will take place.      Because the location of the game switches between the schools each year, this year the game is to take place at Foran at 10:30 A.M.      Foran Football...

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Students Showing Support: Students wearing pink to help raise awareness to help the Get in Touch Foundation.

Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Rumeysa Bayram and Julia Poffenberger | October 25, 2021

     About one in eight women (13%) are affected directly by breast cancer in their lifetime. Breast cancer is the leading cause of death amongst women and is the most common type of cancer.       Despite this, research programs are still constantly in need of more funding.       On...

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The Roman Forum: A forum full of ancient ruins in Rome, Italy. Photo Courtesy: Julia Poffenberger, June 2018.

How Ancient Rome has Influenced the Modern World

Julia Poffenberger, Staff Writer | October 11, 2021

     Ancient history is vital when looking at how society has changed over time.       Specifically, Ancient Rome has had a major impact on many areas of modern culture including government, architecture, language, and literature.       Ms. Wendy Valleau, the Latin teacher at Foran High...

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Static Era Records: The entrance to the record store owned by Jay Reason. Photo Credit: Rumeysa Bayram, May, 18, 2021.

A Growing Trend: Music on Vinyl

Julia Poffenberger and Rumeysa Bayram | May 19, 2021

     There are many ways to listen to music, including CDs, digital downloads, and online playlists. Recent developments of technology have made listening to music much simpler. Apps such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube are easy platforms where one can access music of all types to stream and...

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A Technological Study Space: A teacher showcases what her space looks like while grading papers.

Students’ Overuse of Technology

Julia Poffenberger, Staff Writer | April 12, 2021

     During the school day, students and teachers both are constantly surrounded by technology. Chromebooks are in use nearly every day, as well as SMART boards, cell phones, and desktop computers.      Freshman Joselyne Cruz says, “Technology is definitely overused in schools, especially...

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An organized study space. Photo courtesy: Julia Poffenberger, February 27th, 2021.

How To Be More Organized

Julia Poffenberger, Staff Writer | March 4, 2021

     Being organized can include beneficial results for many people. Too much clutter, events that need to be remembered, and the work piling up often causes unnecessary stress and anxiety.       Organization usually makes life easier. It can help to get work done faster, keep work and different...

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New to the Zoo: Photo of a Mexican gray wolf, the newest addition to the Beardsley Zoo.  Photo courtesy of the Beardsley Zoo.

Beardsley Zoo Handles Covid-19

Olivia Salai and Julia Poffenberger | January 27, 2021

     Many Foran students growing up in Connecticut can recall a memory of attending the Beardsley Zoo. Popular among the young and old alike, Connecticut’s only zoo is a fan favorite for many events, including birthday parties, educational opportunities, or weddings.      In general, most...

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Digital drawing of Harry Styles on the cover of Vogue Magazine’s December issue. Drawn by Mjos Studio Design, November 2020.

Social Media Firestorm Regarding Male Feminization

Jocelyn Gonzalez and Julia Poffenberger | December 9, 2020

     On Saturday, Nov. 14, people throughout social media popularized Candace Owens’ claims against male feminization. Owens is a right-wing author, commentator and political activist.      Harry Styles, previous member of boyband One Direction, is a popular English singer and songwriter....

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Photography teacher Mrs. Hudson in her classroom after school.  Photo Courtesy: Mrs. Hudson, Taken Nov. 9, 2020.

How the Arts Positively Impact Students

Julia Poffenberger and Rumeysa Bayram | November 18, 2020

     The arts are a large part of many peoples’ lives. They have been known to help de-stress and are one of the main creative outlets for students. A few examples of the arts are music, painting, photography, and creative writing.       Foran freshman Isabella Tomac says, “I feel like...

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