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Rumeysa Bayram

Rumeysa Bayram, Staff Writer

Hi my name is Rumeysa Bayram and I’m a senior at Foran. This is my fourth year taking journalism and I enjoy writing for many different columns for the Mane Street Mirror. Here at Foran I am a part of the girls tennis team, I’m the media specialist officer for Key Club, and also a member of the student government as a liaison. Outside of school I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, going shopping and listening to music!

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Orchestra Seniors: The seniors in orchestra for the 2022-23’ school year all posing together for the last time, April 25, 2023.

Tying the Final String

Saying Farewell to Seniors in Orchestra
Rumeysa Bayram and Gracie Brogan | May 19, 2023

          The graduating class of 2023 has made their mark across several groups and communities at Foran.           After four years of representing the school's musical talent, the orchestra class of '23 will move onto the next chapter in their lives.           Many of the students...

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Helping Out: Mayor Ben Blake lending a helping hand to the community after a storm passed through the city, August 4, 2020.

“I get to see all of those compilations of the great things that happen in the city”

A Behind the Scenes Look at the Job of Mayor Ben Blake
Rumeysa Bayram and Jocelyn Gonzalez | March 10, 2023

          Within the small town of Milford is a mayor with a big heart and love for the city. This is           Benjamin (Ben) G. Blake, who has served as mayor of Milford for the past 12 years.            Mayor Ben Blake grew up in Milford with his parents and grandparents. He...

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American Red Cross: Milford’s American Red Cross office located at 1 Plymouth Pl, Milford, CT, January 21, 2023.

National Blood Donor Month

The Importance of Donating Blood
Rumeysa Bayram, Staff Writer | February 3, 2023

          The most essential part of survival is blood; without it no organ would be able to receive the oxygen or the nutrients needed to survive. Blood helps keep people warm and cool,fight off infections, and get rid of waste produced in the body.           Hundreds of patients around...

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Going Into The New Year: Lindsay and her family celebrating the New Year, December 31, 2021.

Out with the Old, In with the New

Celebrating the New Year
Rumeysa Bayram and Gracie Brogan | December 31, 2022

          As calendars come to a close and ‘22 becomes ‘23, many around the world are prepared to finish the year off strong with lively traditions and get-togethers. Whether it be festive meals, games, or general gatherings, many find a special celebration before and after the clock strikes...

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Vinyl: The Midnights: Moonstone Blue Edition, November 2, 2022.

“Meet Me at Midnight”

Taylor Swift’s New Record Breaking Album, Midnights
Rumeysa Bayram, Staff Writer | November 30, 2022

          During the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards, Taylor Swift, award winning singer and songwriter, announced the release date of her tenth studio album “Midnights.” After a long wait with tons of endless nights, the album was finally released to the world on October 21.           ...

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Key Club: Foran’s Key Club advisor and members showcasing their club, October 4, 2022.

Getting Involved: Club Fair Brings New Opportunities to Students

Rumeysa Bayram and Jocelyn Gonzalez | October 18, 2022

          After two years of reduced opportunities for students to get involved in their community, the club fair was reintroduced to Foran. The fair took place on October 4 and 6, during common time periods. Key Club International, Interact Club, Drama Club, Sleepy Sloths, and many more attended...

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Peer Mentors: Some of the mentors working with their mentees online, September 20, 2022.

Impacting the Next Generation

Foran's Peer Mentoring Program
Rumeysa Bayram, Staff Writer | October 14, 2022

          For the past three years, Foran High School has sponsored a peer mentoring program. This is a program for high school students to become peer mentors to elementary school students.            This program aims to give young students a role model or a friend to look up to for support,...

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Girls Tennis Senior Captains: Seniors Veda Lakkmraju and Olivia Connelly after leading and cheering their team on, May 11, 2022.

Senior Spring Captains: Finishing Off the Season

Rumeysa Bayram and Cameron Lefebvre | May 19, 2022

          As spring sports come to an end, so do the captains' careers at Foran. This is their last season playing for a sports team in high school, and they’re prepared to finish off the season strong.           Foran consists of five spring sports: lacrosse (boys and girls), softball,...

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Promoting Irish Culture: Irish Heritage Society of Milford advertising and supporting their local community.

Celebrating the Annual Saint Patrick’s Day Parade

Rumeysa Bayram, Photography Editor | March 22, 2022

     For the past 1,000 years, Saint Patrick’s Day has been celebrated on March 17. Saint Patrick’s Day is a time that honors the heritage and culture of the Irish.      Milford, CT has been celebrating this day with an annual Saint Patrick’s Day parade. Not being able to have this parade...

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Grassy Hill: Picture of the grass, where the groundhog would come out to predict the weather. Photo Courtesy: Rumeysa Bayram, February 2, 2022.

Celebrating Groundhog Day

Rumeysa Bayram, staff writer | February 2, 2022

        Traditionally, Groundhog Day is celebrated on February 2 each year. It is a day when the groundhog comes out of its burrow to supposedly determine whether there will be an early spring.          Groundhog Day has been celebrated since 1887, originating in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania....

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Cruising On Up: Students on a ski lift in the past years going up to the top of the mountain. Photo Courtesy: Brayden Young, February 2, 2020.

Taking on the Slopes

Rumeysa Bayram and Cameron Lefebvre | December 22, 2021

     Over the last year, the pandemic has stopped many schools from continuing activities and clubs, including Foran’s Ski Club. This year, they have made a comeback with new restrictions and rules in action.       The club will consist of weekend trips to different mountains. In the past,...

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Forans Band: Foran High Schools Marching Band performing in Milford for its annual Veterans Day parade. Photo Courtesy: @ForanBand on Twitter, November 7, 2021.

Celebrating Veterans Day

Rumeysa Bayram, Photography Editor | November 10, 2021

     For over 100 years, Veterans Day has been a day where the nation pays respect to those who have served our country. It is a time to honor our veterans for their services and the things they have done for us.      Foran Band Director Ms. Jessica Turner says, “It was a very proud day to...

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Foran Football Fans: Photo of the student section chering.

[Photo] Alex’s Lemonade Stand

November 8, 2021

Foran Football Fans: Photo of the student section chering.

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 Learning and Relaxing: Ms. Green’s carefully decorated classroom.

[Photo] Closer to Normal

November 2, 2021

Learning and Relaxing: Ms. Green’s carefully decorated classroom.

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Students Showing Support: Students wearing pink to help raise awareness to help the Get in Touch Foundation.

Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Rumeysa Bayram and Julia Poffenberger | October 25, 2021

     About one in eight women (13%) are affected directly by breast cancer in their lifetime. Breast cancer is the leading cause of death amongst women and is the most common type of cancer.       Despite this, research programs are still constantly in need of more funding.       On...

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Street View: An outside look of Nate’s Plates. Photo Courtesy: Rumeysa Bayram, September 19, 2021.

Nate’s Plates: Serving Their Way to a New Beginning

Rumeysa Bayram and Cameron Lefebvre | September 30, 2021

     Recently, downtown Milford welcomed Nate’s Plates, a food business that serves prepared food for people at affordable rates. The service mainly focuses on school lunches for students and dinner for adults in a time crunch.      Nate's Plates opened on July 3, 2021, and is owned by Matt...

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Static Era Records: The entrance to the record store owned by Jay Reason. Photo Credit: Rumeysa Bayram, May, 18, 2021.

A Growing Trend: Music on Vinyl

Julia Poffenberger and Rumeysa Bayram | May 19, 2021

     There are many ways to listen to music, including CDs, digital downloads, and online playlists. Recent developments of technology have made listening to music much simpler. Apps such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube are easy platforms where one can access music of all types to stream and...

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Milford Public Library: This is the entrance of the library to get to the children’s department. Photo Courtesy Rumeysa Bayram

Milford Public Library’s: Children’s Department

Rumeysa Bayram, Staff Writer | March 31, 2021

     Reading is something that children should be able to find enjoyable. It is something that they should be able to turn to, to get away from the stress and other distractions they are dealing with; or even just for enjoyment.       When kids are younger they find it interesting to pick up...

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Where The Freshman Fears Begin: The exterior of Foran High School. Photo Courtesy: Rumeysa Bayram, March 1, 2021

How Freshmen Students are Adapting to High School

Rumeysa Bayram and Jocelyn Gonzalez | March 11, 2021

     Many eighth graders tend to feel stressed, worried, or fearful when first entering their four years of high school.      Others are excited to experience the four major years of their lives. Freshmen tend to feel one, or even both at the same time. Arriving at high school is a big deal...

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Photography teacher Mrs. Hudson in her classroom after school.  Photo Courtesy: Mrs. Hudson, Taken Nov. 9, 2020.

How the Arts Positively Impact Students

Julia Poffenberger and Rumeysa Bayram | November 18, 2020

     The arts are a large part of many peoples’ lives. They have been known to help de-stress and are one of the main creative outlets for students. A few examples of the arts are music, painting, photography, and creative writing.       Foran freshman Isabella Tomac says, “I feel like...

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