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Alana Finlayson

Alana Finlayson, Staff Writer

Hi, my name is Alana. I am a senior at Foran High School. I am part of Key Club, Interact Club and Ski Club. Outside of Foran, I am a dancer of 15 years. I also enjoy going to the beach and hanging out with my friends. This is my second year of journalism, and I am looking forward to writing for Foran again this year. 

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Old vs New: On the left one of Foran’s first ever yearbooks from 1975 to the most recent one of 2023, December 13, 2023.

Forever Cherishing Memories

Yearbook Spotlight
Rumeysa Bayram and Alana Finlayson | January 9, 2024

          For hundreds of years, high schools around the world have created yearbooks as a way to reminisce the memories they make in high school. Having a reminder to the most significant periods in someone's life [high school] is a way to cherish memories forever.             Over the...

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Club Fair: Officers Jaiden Johnson and Olivia Jones with members Maia Matula and Isabella Sanchez at the club fair.

Club Spotlight: Female Empowerment Club

Alana Finlayson, Staff Writer | December 11, 2023

          Senior Jaiden Johnson started her first year at Foran this year. Previously a student at Laurelton High School, she was looking to have an impact in her new school.            “The sad truth is that we live in an unfair world to this day — but we can still take action to help...

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Take Your Pick: Many different kinds of apples on display at the orchards for people to pick out, October 8, 2023.

How About Them Apples?

Celebrating National Apple Month
Rumeysa Bayram and Alana Finlayson | October 20, 2023

          Every year for the past five decades, National Apple Month has been around during the month of October. This month is a time for celebration for one of the world’s favorite fruits.            Apples have been around for over 10,000 years being one of the most consumed fruits....

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A Half-Century of History:  Foran’s class of 1975 from the first Foran yearbook, two years after its opening, 1975.

From the Foran Archives: A 1970s Flashback

Olivia Salai and Alana Finlayson | October 3, 2023

          Mod-style alarm clocks in hues of purple, green, and red rang out as the sun began to rise in September 1973, signifying the end of summer. Girls took out their hair rollers and matched flared trousers with bright blouses, while boys paired turtleneck sweaters with cuffed jeans. David...

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Picture Perfect: Natural Helpers pose for a group picture after giving their 8th grade tours around Foran. March 17, 2023.

Seniors in Natural Helpers

The Lessons They’re Leaving Behind
Lorelai Christy and Alana Finlayson | May 17, 2023

          Foran’s Natural Helpers club is organized by Mrs. Lisa Farrell and Mr. Rick Raucci. The club organizes Freshman Orientation, Homecoming, conferences, Unified Prom, Open Houses, fundraisers, and activities for the freshmen class.            This year, they organized a tour of...

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Milford DMV: Shown is a Milford DMV location at 977 Boston Post Rd, February 21, 2023.

How to Pass Your Driver’s License Test

Lorelai Christy and Alana Finlayson | March 29, 2023

            High school is a time where many big decisions get made, including getting your license. Many students around this age become overwhelmed with the pressure and responsibility that accompanies driving.              Many people who are more experienced with driving have seen...

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Pretty in Pink: Shoprite showcases their seasonal section getting ready for Valentine’s Day, January 24, 2023.

The History of Valentine’s Day

The Story of How The Day of Romance Came to Be
Lorelai Christy and Alana Finlayson | February 14, 2023

          Every year on February 14, people celebrate Valentine’s Day and show their loved ones how they care for them. There are many different traditions that people have on Valentine’s Day to celebrate their love for one another. However, the origin of the beloved holiday wasn’t so rosy.   ...

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 Using Your Resources: The newly added Zen Den is open for use all day at school for some peace and quiet during the day. December 12, 2022.

Winter’s Effects on Mental Health

Strategies for Coping During the Winter
Lorelai Christy and Alana Finlayson | January 4, 2023

          During the winter, students' mental health can deteriorate for numerous reasons.For many, winter is a cheerful time spent with loved ones. Nonetheless, for others the season may instigate new struggles. Whichever it may be, winter has found a way to make people dread it—but it doesn’t...

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Parking for the Day: Foran High students utilize the student parking lot on school mornings. November 14, 2022.

New Drivers Navigating Their First Winter

Lorelai Christy and Alana Finlayson | November 30, 2022

          Each year there are more new drivers on the road. Whether they have their Learner’s Permit or are newly licensed for the school year, every new driver has one fear in common: their first winter. Driving in the winter can be dangerous due to chances of snow, ice, and slush, which can...

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