How to Pass Your Driver’s License Test


Alana FInlayson

Milford DMV: Shown is a Milford DMV location at 977 Boston Post Rd, February 21, 2023.

            High school is a time where many big decisions get made, including getting your license. Many students around this age become overwhelmed with the pressure and responsibility that accompanies driving. 

            Many people who are more experienced with driving have seen different new drivers on the road. 

            History teacher Mr. Todd Williams says, “A small number of teens at times seem distracted. Phones may be a variable.” 

            There are many steps that students can take to prepare for taking their license test, whether they’ve already obtained their learner’s permit or not.

            Getting your learner’s permit is the first step to getting your driver’s license. The test consists of 25 multiple choice questions, and in order to pass you have to get at least 20 questions correct. There are many different ways to study for this test such as practice quizzes and reading the CT driver’s manual. 

            The stress that comes with taking your road test is a significant part of why some drivers fail their first time. 

            Junior Lindsay Wiederhold says, “When taking your test, pretend the instructor in the car is the person who you learned how to drive with.” This advice has been told and heard by many, allowing for new drivers taking their test to calm their nerves. 

            Many people who haven’t taken their Learner’s Permit test or their road test see it as a challenge to find where to begin. 

            Freshman Callie Morrison says, “I think the biggest challenge that comes with driving is not crashing or getting your license.” Morrison is expecting to get her Learner’s Permit late in her sophomore year. 

            The second step to getting your license is to practice driving. Learning to be comfortable behind the wheel before you get your license is crucial. For example, Wiederhold explains how she didn’t think that getting her license was difficult. She, along with many new drivers, practiced driving often. 

            Part of getting your license is also learning the laws of the road. Different driving schools offer different Driver’s Ed courses online. The Next Street offers an eight hour Safe Driving Course along with the Full Driver Education bundle, which includes 30 hours of classroom instruction and eight hours of driving with a Next Street instructor. 

            The Next Street is a driving school with different locations scattered throughout Connecticut. The 30 hours of classroom instruction offered by Next Street is distributed through 15 different two hour classes on Zoom. 

            Wiederhold states, “I did 30 hours of Driver’s Ed over the summer and I think it was effective in making sure I remember the laws.” Wiederhold has had her license for three months now.

            Driving nowadays is in many ways easier and safer for new drivers. 

            Williams states, “Teens today do a great job.  With safe driver apps & the price of insurance, it would be foolish & costly not to be a responsible driver.” Insurance prices with new drivers have gone up significantly as new drivers have evolved over the years. These new increased prices help to ensure that drivers are more responsible on the road. 

            The next step to getting your driver’s license is passing the road test, taken with a DMV inspector. There are different ways to take the road test. These include the option to take your test with your Driver’s Ed company or through the DMV. 

            Wiederhold did her test through the DMV. Amongst teens, there are often rumors that testing with the DMV is more difficult than testing with their driving school; however, Wiederhold passed on her first try. 

            There are different ways to prepare for the road test. For most tests, the DMV inspector requires one to three different methods of parking. They may require a pull-in park, a back-in park, and/or a parallel park if the instructor is unsure about your result. The inspector will also require a three-point, or “K” turn, a left-hand turn, and possibly a lane change. 

            When taking your road test, it is incredibly important to take your time. Some drivers let their nerves get the best of them, and rush through the test. They can forget basic things they had otherwise perfected. Because of this, it’s important to listen carefully to what the inspector is saying and always take your time. A helpful tip is to repeat what they say back to them to make sure you understand them properly. 

            Having your driver’s license, while it is a big responsibility, also grants a lot of freedom. 

            Morrison states, “I want to get my license so I can do more things. For example, if I can’t get a ride to something now I can’t go.” Many future drivers are excited for the freedoms that come with driving when they get their licenses.