Celebrating Veterans Day


Forans Band: Foran High School’s Marching Band performing in Milford for its annual Veterans Day parade. Photo Courtesy: @ForanBand on Twitter, November 7, 2021.

Rumeysa Bayram, Photography Editor

     For over 100 years, Veterans Day has been a day where the nation pays respect to those who have served our country. It is a time to honor our veterans for their services and the things they have done for us.

     Foran Band Director Ms. Jessica Turner says, “It was a very proud day to be able to participate in the Milford Veterans’ Day Parade with the Foran Band after an almost two year hiatus from being part of these important community experiences… Seeing the Milford community come together to celebrate our Veterans was wonderful.”  

     Veterans Day is on November 11, in honor of World War I ending on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918. Originally called Armistice Day, Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower later changed the name to Veterans Day in 1954. 

     Schools around the world schedule assemblies or other activities during Veterans Day. Foran High School celebrates with an annual poetry contest, a Veterans Day video and a “Homes for the Brave” Supply Drive.

     Mr. Cesare, Social Studies Department Chair, says, “Items such as soap, toothbrushes, shampoo, clothes detergent, and other household items can be donated in Social Studies classes this week.”

     On Thursday, November 11, Social Studies classes will be welcoming three veterans virtually. Students will also be having lessons on why it is important to acknowledge the holiday. O’Keefe received 18 submissions from students this year.

     Mrs. O’Keefe, the English Department liaison says, “…high school students should be aware of what our veterans have done and honor their sacrifices and contributions.”

     This day in the year can also benefit students, making them more involved and have them consider service projects to help out veterans around the community.

     O’Keefe also mentions, “Some of our students [at Foran] are from military families or are considering a career in the military after high school.”

     Students can be affected or inspired by Veterans Day as well.

     One of the three winners of the poetry contest, sophomore Mathew Preneta says, “He sometimes recounts his experience… The sacrifice that he and many of his brethren made in the service of our nation, has given me the freedom to make the choices I have been able to make in life.”

Sophomore Mathew Preneta’s winning poem.

     Veterans Day affects all veterans in different ways. Some veterans could feel freedom while another could feel grateful.

     Mr. Dillon, the technology, engineering, and communications teacher at Foran and former Veteran says, “it is a time to reflect on all the good things we have in the U.S. … we wouldn’t have any of the blessings we have if it wasn’t for those who have played down their life or those who are willing to lay down their lives for that freedom.”

     Dillon views Veterans Day as a day to be thankful and appreciative of what we have.

     Veterans Day is a time where people pay their tributes to our veterans, living or dead, in order to show them how much they are appreciated and respected.