How the Arts Positively Impact Students


Photography teacher Mrs. Hudson in her classroom after school. Photo Courtesy: Mrs. Hudson, Taken Nov. 9, 2020.

Julia Poffenberger and Rumeysa Bayram

     The arts are a large part of many peoples’ lives. They have been known to help de-stress and are one of the main creative outlets for students. A few examples of the arts are music, painting, photography, and creative writing. 

     Foran freshman Isabella Tomac says, “I feel like it reduces stress once you get used to doing it because it’s something I like.”

     Stress comes with the daily life of students, so doing something they enjoy doing may also help. 

     Many students tend to get overwhelmed with work, whether it be for school, a job, and more. The arts are a way for many people to look forward to something outside of that work.

     Having a way to express oneself is always important, and the arts have been known to be a great way of doing so. A person can show how they feel through a painting, writing their emotions in a story, acting and singing in musical theater, and much more. Many people find that the best way to be themselves is through the arts.

     According to, “Through the arts, students develop skills like resilience, grit, and a growth mindset to help them master their craft, do well academically, and succeed in life after high school.”

     Creativity is an important factor in some student lives, so not having a way to express that creativity could be pernicious towards their school experience. 

     Ms. Megan Hudson, a photography teacher at Foran High School speaks about how, “it gives [students] a voice. Whether it’s a voice of opinion, voice of fact, or voice of challenge.” 

     Students are able to vocalize their way of thinking and feeling through the arts. They can use the arts to communicate, which can be very valuable to them.  

     Jonathan Law freshman Kadance Kovacs says, “I strive to do better when I have something to look forward to outside of school.”

     Kovacs feels that “In musical theater I am the most able to express myself. It’s given me an outlet where there wasn’t one before.”