Alex’s Lemonade Stand

A Deeper Look Into the Nonprofit Selling Lemons for Cancer


Rumeysa Bayram

Foran Football Fans: Photo of the student section chering.

Jake Israelite and Jack Beaupre

     This January, Alex’s Lemonade Stand will have funded childhood cancer for 17 years. Alex’s Lemonade Stand is majorly different from all other companies/nonprofits fighting against cancer because of the story behind it. A four year old girl diagnosed with cancer decided to start a lemonade stand. Her name was Alex and she decided to not help only herself but others with the money she raised. The lemonade stand that Alex ran lasted four years and ended when she passed away in 2004 from cancer. After she passed away, her parents started Alex’s Lemonade Stand because of her.

     Community engagement coordinator for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Christie Fischer says, “Alex’s first stand was over 20 years ago in her neighborhood when Alex was four years old and had a goal to raise $1 million.” 

     There wasn’t any major progress made to Alex’s goal until a few local and state newspapers picked up Alex’s story. Eventually, she made an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show. After the Oprah show, Volvo heard about the cause and generously donated to help Alex reach her goal of $1 million in 2004.

     Alex’s Lemonade Stand is partnered with many companies such as Applebee’s, Five Below, The Kansas City Royals, Starbucks, Panera, among others.

     Alex’s Lemonade Stand has many simple ways to donate, including online in typical currency or in cars, stocks, crypto, and other unusual items. 

     People may have personal reasons to donate and help fight against childhood cancer.

     Junior Jose Abreu says, “The reason I donated is that one of my cousins had cancer and I know how frustrating it can be so I wanted to show my part and help.”

     On the organization’s website, stories ranging from babies to teenagers from all walks of life are displayed, with cancer being the uniting factor.

     Football coach Thomas Drew says, “Unfortunately, childhood cancer touches us all, whether you have had someone in your family or a close family friend who suffers from cancer, it is a cause that is worthy of attention and awareness.”

     Due to the new name. image, and likeness or NIL rules for the NCAA, Alex’s Lemonade Stand is working on partnering with college athletes/teams. Christie explains the company is not working with professional athletes yet, but plans to in the future.

     This representation from athletes will make a bigger impact than before. At Foran High School, Foran athletes and students helped raise money and get the word about the fundraiser out there with instagram posts, donations, and a yellow out football game for childhood cancer on September 18, 2021. 

     In all, Foran raised over $1800 dollars for Alex’s Lemonade Stand. This certainly won’t stop cancer but it will help and maybe in the future we can accomplish Alex’s dream of helping others and ending cancer. For more information about Alex’s Lemonade Stand, click here: