Taking on the Slopes


Cruising On Up: Students on a ski lift in the past years going up to the top of the mountain. Photo Courtesy: Brayden Young, February 2, 2020.

Rumeysa Bayram and Cameron Lefebvre

     Over the last year, the pandemic has stopped many schools from continuing activities and clubs, including Foran’s Ski Club. This year, they have made a comeback with new restrictions and rules in action. 

     The club will consist of weekend trips to different mountains. In the past, there have been overnight stays, but due to new regulations, there will be only day visits on Saturdays.

     Ski Club advisor Todd Williams says, “As of now the sites selected by our Ski Club president and vice president, Andrew Kupson and Brayden Young, are Pico Mountain in Killington, VT, Bolton Valley in Bolton, VT, & Burke Mountain in Burke, VT.”

     According to Williams, the club’s season is scheduled to begin on January 22 with a trip to Pico Mountain. He explains the club got full approval for their trips on Wednesday, December 8.

     Williams says, “Students can select all or any of the three trips they would like to go on.”

     There also will be new bus guidelines and new rules put in place by each mountain for their lodges, according to Williams.

     Mrs. Emily DiCapua, Ski Club chaperone, says, “I am excited for Ski Club to begin, I think the most exciting thing is that students are allowed to get back on the mountain with their friends after not being able to go for a year.”

     Mountains have different trails for different ability levels. Green trails are the easiest and they get progressively more difficult, advancing to blue squares and black diamonds. There are three levels of the black trails, including  the black diamond, double black diamond, and triple black diamond trails. 

     “I’m super glad we got to have the club this year,” says Ski Club President Andrew Kupson. “It will be nice to go skiing with some friends at mountains we might not have been able to go to last year with Covid restrictions.” 

     Since Ski Club didn’t happen due to Covid-19 last year, many are excited to be able to get back on the slopes. Similarly, students like sophomore Erin Schmitt and freshman Lila Tarczali comment on the upcoming season.

     “I’m super excited! I wasn’t able to do ski club in middle school, so this is really exciting that I get to do it this year.” Schmitt says.

     Tarczali goes on to also say, “I’m excited for going outside of CT with my friends and seeing new places I’ve never been to.”

     Ski Club has made many students thrilled to be able to go skiing with their friends and spend the day up in the mountains.

     Sophomore Agatha Dalton says, “I’m very excited, I was really hoping that we’d be able to do it this year. I love spending a day on the mountain and just enjoying everything, the people, the view, etc.”