Senior Spring Captains: Finishing Off the Season


Rumeysa Bayram

Girls Tennis Senior Captains: Seniors Veda Lakkmraju and Olivia Connelly after leading and cheering their team on, May 11, 2022.

          As spring sports come to an end, so do the captains’ careers at Foran. This is their last season playing for a sports team in high school, and they’re prepared to finish off the season strong.

          Foran consists of five spring sports: lacrosse (boys and girls), softball, baseball, tennis (boys and girls), track (boys and girls), and golf. 

          Senior captain of the girls track team Katharine Harrison says, “The best part about being a captain is the special connection I feel to my teammates and the opportunity to teach, support, laugh with, and motivate them.”

          A captain’s purpose is to help push the team forward and encourage them to reach their greatest potential. Captains help support the team in all the ways they can, which in some ways can be a challenge. 

          Senior and girls lacrosse captain Mia Williams says, “The hardest part is probably that I always have to be ‘on’ and in check because I want to set a good example for my teammates.”  

          Along with supporting the team, captains also are there to inspire their teammates. They give advice and always intend to create a fun environment.

          Harrison continues, “My freshman year, I had an amazing captain who motivated me to do my best, on and off the track. She was supportive and a great friend, and was one of the reasons I always looked forward to practice.”

          Having someone to help you move forward and succeed is a vital part of being the captain. The captains are chosen based on their leadership skills and encouragement towards others.

          Athletic Director Anthony Vitelli says, “Captains have to be able to lead by example on and off the field. They should be a good role model for the members of their team, the athletic department and our school and community.”

          While there are challenges to being a captain, ultimately they have found the experience to be great. The team really looks up to the captain to help improve and lead their team.

          Kyle Zarnoch, senior and baseball captain, says, “I really enjoy being a captain, it allows me to connect with all of my teammates and gives me a special connection to many of them. I also enjoy representing my teammates and everything we have put in for our team.”

          The captains of the spring sports are: Quincy Ercanbrack, Arezoo Ghazagh, and Katharine Harrison for girls track. Barry Held, Basit Iddriss, and Nathanael Huebner for boys track. Simon Collette, Joey Honcz, Andrew Kupson, and Luca Ubaldi for boys lacrosse. Mia Williams and Elizabeth Schumann for girls lacrosse. Trey Deitelbaum, Dean Ross, and Kyle Zarnoch for baseball. Morgan Viesselman and Kendall LaMorte for softball. Olivia Connelly and Veda Lakkmraju for girls tennis. The golf team’s captains are… , and the boys tennis team doesn’t have a senior captain.