Nate’s Plates: Serving Their Way to a New Beginning


Rumeysa Bayram

Street View: An outside look of Nate’s Plates. Photo Courtesy: Rumeysa Bayram, September 19, 2021.

Rumeysa Bayram and Cameron Lefebvre

     Recently, downtown Milford welcomed Nate’s Plates, a food business that serves prepared food for people at affordable rates. The service mainly focuses on school lunches for students and dinner for adults in a time crunch.

     Nate’s Plates opened on July 3, 2021, and is owned by Matt McGuinness, his wife Caitlin Rissman, and their friends Andres Werthien and Rachel Lysak. They’re currently working on building their own delivery service.

     McGuinness says, “I personally am new to the food industry, but Caitlin is the head chef and has been in the industry for a decade, and in that time has managed and ran kitchens all over Connecticut.”

     According to, customers receive fresh, ready to serve meals twice a week. They are always fully stocked with dinner and lunch meals ready to be picked up. Breakfast and lunch sandwiches are available all day as well, along with gourmet iced and hot coffee.

     McGuiness explains that the idea to start a food service came to existence when Rissman and him were preparing their children’s food for daycare. 

     McGuinness says, “We told them about our idea to have a prepared foods market that caters to kids meals and they decided to partner up with us to make it a reality.”

     Nate’s Plates prides themselves on being locally sourced and eco-friendly so they can make the world a cleaner place while focusing on providing food for those in need.

     The overall average rating on Nate’s Plates is about 4.9 stars. According to reviews on Google, customers say that the food is great and tastes homemade. They also say that the service is excellent and all the employees are very nice.

     Seventh grader Berat Bayram says, “The service was amazing. Everyone was very friendly and caring.”

     Meals for individuals range from five dollars to fifteen dollars, while family meals range from twenty to sixty dollars. For more information you can visit​​