Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Rumeysa Bayram

Students Showing Support: Students wearing pink to help raise awareness to help the Get in Touch Foundation.

Rumeysa Bayram and Julia Poffenberger

     About one in eight women (13%) are affected directly by breast cancer in their lifetime. Breast cancer is the leading cause of death amongst women and is the most common type of cancer. 

     Despite this, research programs are still constantly in need of more funding. 

     On October 22, Foran High School hosted a Pink Day where students could wear pink to school and the football game, and donate money towards the Get in Touch Foundation. In total, they have raised $500.79

     The Get in Touch Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Milford that focuses on breast health and the importance of knowing one’s body. They provide free and easily accessible information to society.  

     The Get in Touch Foundation also focuses on self-examination for breast cancer.

     Betsy Nilan, President of the Get in Touch Foundation, says, “40% of diagnosed breast cancers are detected by women who feel a lump.” 

     Starting or holding fundraisers are very important as well as being beneficial when it comes to supporting and spreading awareness. ShopRite in Milford has been doing that by setting up a stand in front of the entrance for people to donate to. 

     According to, “Fundraising allows for the growth of awareness as well as donations. These events could be independently organized or part of larger events.”

     Pink days are a common way to support breast cancer awareness, as pink ribbons have been a symbol to represent breast cancer since 1992.  

     Spreading awareness is important because of the impact it has on the community. It helps people become more aware of problems; other than the ones they hear about every day.

     Having a strong and healthy support system has shown to have many benefits to it. A support system can help someone cope with the stress and pain that comes with breast cancer. 

     Ms. Linda Bespuda, nurse at Foran High School says, “it’s important for everyone to be aware of what is normal for them and to have a support system (a parent or other adult they trust) to whom they can go to for any concerns.”

     Even though there really isn’t a way to prevent breast cancer, some ways to help lower risks are eating healthy, limiting sugar intake, exercising regularly and most importantly doing self examinations.

     Self examination might sound scary but it’s actually very simple. To find more information about it, feel free to visit: