Foran vs Law: Annual Thanksgiving Football Game


Senior Night: Foran’s football seniors and parents on senior night. Photo courtesy of the Foran Football Staff, November 19 2021.

Julia Poffenberger and Cameron Lefebvre

     On November 25, the annual Thanksgiving Day football game between Foran High School and Jonathan Law High School will take place.

     Because the location of the game switches between the schools each year, this year the game is to take place at Foran at 10:30 A.M.

     Foran Football coach, Thomas Drew, says, “Thanksgiving Day football has been a long standing tradition in many towns throughout the state of Connecticut.  Many rivalry games are played this week as it is seen as the culmination of the high school football season.”

     The concept of playing American football on Thanksgiving dates back to 1876, where it became popular to play on this day because most had the day off from work. It was in the same year that football teams at Yale and Princeton began the tradition of having a Thanksgiving football game. 

     Junior Jack Cushman, a member of the Foran football team says, “I really like the thanksgiving game, the idea of everyone having something to look forward to. Thanksgiving morning is a special thing. Everyone comes together to watch the two teams play so it’s a cool event.”

     Due to Covid-19, last year this game did not occur. However, many are excited at the prospect of the upcoming game despite the break in tradition.

     Junior Dominic Rusu, another member of the Foran team says, “I like having an annual game against law, I think it brings the town together and is a fun battle of our rival schools.”

     The prospect of the upcoming game is exciting for the town altogether. Families and friends all come out to see the two rivals play one another.

     Sophomore Emily Maruottolo, a member of the Foran marching band says, “I always find it fun to go to the Thanksgiving game. It’s nice that the schools can come together and have fun. It’s also nice to be in the band because I get to watch the game and also be in the halftime show.”

     Foran has been participating in Thanksgiving games for many years now.

     Drew says, “This will be the 38th meeting between Foran and Law on Thanksgiving. They did play before that but this is the 38th Thanksgiving Day game.”