Students’ Overuse of Technology


A Technological Study Space: A teacher showcases what her space looks like while grading papers.

Julia Poffenberger, Staff Writer

     During the school day, students and teachers both are constantly surrounded by technology. Chromebooks are in use nearly every day, as well as SMART boards, cell phones, and desktop computers.

     Freshman Joselyne Cruz says, “Technology is definitely overused in schools, especially with Covid and distance learning. It’s also really prominent in society so it’s hard to distance yourself from it, but I do think it’s important to do that to some extent. Staring at your phone and mindlessly scrolling for hours isn’t very productive and there are so many other things you can do instead.”

     The overuse of social media and technology can lead to both physical and psychological issues including anxiety, depression, eyestrain, and difficulty focusing on important tasks. It can also result in poor social skills, trouble sleeping, and increased stress levels.

     One way to reduce the use of technology would be to utilize libraries and written works rather than searching the internet. This allows the brain to still retain information or literature without looking at a screen.

     Overall technology is helpful, but the overuse of it can be harmful to a person’s health.

Foran Library: A good alternative to technology is reading and searching for information in written works
Science Studies: Students at Foran spend their science class on Chromebooks.
Studious Study Hall: During a study hall, students at Foran spend time on their phones and Chromebooks.