“Who’s Behind the Voices?”


Kaleigh Porcu

The morning announcer: Ricardo Gonzalez poses for a picture in blue hall.

Kaleigh Porcu and Jocelyn Gonzalez

     Ever hear the morning announcements and wonder, “Who makes the announcements?” The familiar voices have puzzled both students and staff alike and has become one of the hot topics circling the student body. 

     The morning announcements inform students on upcoming events such as club meetings, sports, and other relevant daily news. Responsible for Foran’s well-known start to the day are students Ricardo Gonzalez and Azam Hostetler. 

     Gonzalez and his partner Hostetler have been announcing at Foran since the beginning of the current school year, and they enjoy informing students on the agenda.

     “I thought it was pretty cool to be able to speak to the school,” Gonzalez says. 

     The opportunity fell into the pair’s hands through one of the classes they shared together.  

     Gonzalez states, “I take the Television and Studio class at Foran and one of the opportunities for the class was to say the morning announcements… I decided to take that opportunity.”

     Mr. John Connors, a Chemistry and Earth Science teacher, is one of many people impressed by Gonzalez’s abilities.

     Connors says, “Ricardo Gonzalez has the perfect voice for radio. He makes people question who he is over the loudspeaker while he’s not mysterious at all.” 

     Gonzalez and Hostetler both have passions for public speaking. Both have a hobby while Gonzalez may pursue a career.

     Gonzalez explains, “ I wouldn’t be opposed to going into college with this type of profession. Doing the Foran announcements inspires me to have this hobby for television and radio.”

     On the other hand, Hostetler is very involved in the Foran community. 

     Hostetler says, “I run cross country and track and I am also part of the Game club.”

     Even though both share a strong passion for public speaking, both were scared to speak on the loudspeaker the first couple of times.

     “It was pretty nerve racking the first couple times when you are reminded of the fact that you are speaking to one thousand or so people, but over the weeks I have gotten used to it and it is much easier at this point,” Hostetler says. 

     Being able to bring back live-streamed morning announcements is something both are very happy about.

     According to Hostetler, “The announcements on the speaker are just temporary because we’re going to be starting up the live broadcast as a replacement. There have just been some delays.”

     With live broadcasts coming up, students will be able to meet the mysterious voices of Foran High School.