Swimming into Action: Boys Swim


Diving into the Season: The Foran pool gets ready for the new swim season. Photo Courtesy: Jose Abréu, December 1, 2021.

Kaleigh Porcu and Jocelyn Gonzalez

     As Foran takes a dive into the winter season, boys swimming is back in action. Many swimmers, specifically Foran’s boys (seeing as to how it is a co-op team), have been training hard for the season kick off.

     Sophomore Jacob Collette is a swimmer with two years under his belt.

     Collette states, “I’ve been swimming for six years and two years with the co-op team.” 

     He goes on to say, “My dad was a swimmer for his childhood and swam in college and my mom swam in highschool so they thought I’d enjoy the sport.”

     With so much experience allowing him to fly off the diving board, one of Collette’s joys toward the sport is the aspect of putting in continuous effort to see results.

     Collette states, “I enjoy swimming because there is a team element but there’s also an element of having to push yourself and you can see results.” 

     With the season beginning, many swimmers are conditioning to get in shape.

     Junior Jose Abréu states, “I have been going to the gym usually every night and I also swim off season for the Aqua Jets here in Milford.”

     Abréu’s massive love for the sport started at a very young age and continues to grow.

     He adds, “My parents signed me up for a swim team when I was just four years old and ever since then, I have enjoyed swimming and I got into competitive swimming when I turned seven. When I entered high school, I decided to join this team.”

     When at a swim meet, there are different events (or races) that take place. Some of these events are freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and more. In a standard swim meet, one to five events occur. 

     Junior Gerold Gutierrez has been swimming since he was four years old. For high school swimming, he participates in the 100 breaststroke, 100 backstroke, 200 IM, 200 medley relay, and the 400 freestyle relay. 

     He states, “I really do enjoy swimming for Foran. The coaches this year are very hard working and also very fun to be around as they just have very jubilant personalities.” 

     Not only is this team competitive but being able to find a new hobby while being in a positive environment is one of Gutierrez’s favorite parts.

     He adds, “Since we are a combined team with Law, we are put into the L division meaning the competition is fierce and harder to beat but this just makes the team even more pumped before and after a meet, even if we win or lose. I really just love the environment and the friends that I have made joining this swim team.”

     With all these boys having a love for the sport, only makes being a part of this team better.